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Being a Good Disciple

February, 2010

How many Masters do I have?  Like most of us, too many to mention by name but my love and gratitude goes out to each wonderful one, alive or dead! What would our lives be like without them! Mine would be pretty empty.

I think that to be a good disciple one sees Mastery in everyone; be it our beloved Osho or a bum sleeping on a bench in the street.  I have been close to being that person on the bench when I was flailing around Hollywood in the ‘80’s and yet, bless his heart, here was this vulnerable bundle of rags doing it for me, reminding me to be a little stronger, to trust myself a little more, to walk the extra mile.  What a gift to be given!

Of course I adore Osho but he is not my only Master, however great I feel his influence in my life. In fact, if I am honest, I don’t agree with everything Osho says.  I think he would like that about me! Why would I want to be a parrot just repeating everything someone else thinks and says without experiencing it for myself or having an original idea of my own? Who would I be? How could I ever be truly happy?  If my dearest and closest friend is standing on the opposite side of a road and we both witness a car crash we will have totally opposite eye witness views of what happened.  Does that make either of us wrong?

Like you, I have heard many great men and women speak and read the books of our contemporaries and people who wrote to us centuries ago and still we find that we absorb what we can identify with from all these great Masters and discard the rest, forming our own opinions; that way even though every thought we think is original has probably been thought many times before, it’s never been thought before in the same order that you and I are thinking them now!

Mostly my Masters are the people who drive me crazy!  If I am rowing with my family because they are refusing to see my point of view or accepting my lifestyle they are being my greatest teachers.  They are teaching me that they are just on the opposite side of the road of my life and I will never be able to convince them to see things from my side.  I can get myself worked up into a right old frenzy about it if I really want to but the truth is, they are who they are and the Reality is, they will think what they think, just like I will. I can never feel happy or satisfied when I am arguing with Reality, so I have come to accept it, quite quickly actually!  I save myself all the pointless grief and angst that comes along with thinking that people ‘should’ do or be something different than they are!  Why should they?  Just to make me feel better? Every time I feel uncomfortable with myself for thinking something about someone or a situation, another of my Masters has taught me to ask myself “Is this really the truth?” Can I be absolutely certain that this is the truth, that this person thinks something about me or I think they think I’m thinking something about them? Let’s not let Reality get in the way of a good story! And when I investigate a little deeper and peel away all the layers of my invention, turning it back around on myself… that it is really me thinking the thought and not them, I can have an epiphany! In that moment, that person is my Master and I can be free. I can stop making up frightening stories to myself and believing them!

I have learned so much from others; wise people I have never even met and others I have been fortunate enough to meet, friends, business associates, children, animals, people who are terribly ill or disabled, people who are happy, people who are sad, clever people, stupid people, calm and angry people, honest and dishonest, good and bad alike. All of them have had something to give me to learn ..and hopefully I have been able to share my own wisdom and stupidity for others to learn from too! 

However, there is a common thread in everything I have been taught and learnt from my great many Masters, in whatever shape or form they have been presented to me and blessed me in my life and that common thread is to follow my bliss! Surely to be a good disciple of our many beautiful Masters we become devoted disciples of our own individual Bliss?


On the subject of Death

December, 2009

One of the most valuable life lessons I have learned is “Surrender”.  To ‘give up’.  But not in a huffy, petulant way.  In a loving, living moment to moment, accepting way.  Surrendering, giving up to the Higher Power (or whatever else we choose to call It).  So I surrender to death NOW.  Now? Because why wait?  Now, don’t get me wrong...

I am really having WAY too much fun to die right now…I have just started a new life in Paradise with my longed for, miracle daughter…I love teaching yoga, I love performing my one woman play, doing voiceover work, networking, teaching peace, writing every month for our beloved Osho and much more.  Do you think I want to go now, just before the show really starts?  No, I categorically do not want to die right now….please…take someone who does….

The thing is, we never know when it is going to be “our turn”…when we will be harvested by the Grim Reaper! Blimey, not surprising we are all terrified of dying!  Sack that PR!

I don’t need to order my coffin and book a plot to prepare for my own death, all I have to do is surrender to it now.  Let it be whenever, wherever and however.

When my darling Daddy died, from smoking 300 cigarettes per week for 40 years, I seemed to be chased and dragged through the gamut of emotions from unparalleled deep sadness to uncontrollable fury, irrational and embarrassing laughter, through peace and joy to acceptance… and finally surrender. This whole process took me about 15 years!

I had to surrender to it in the end because that is what it was.  He was dead and still is.  I could fight it for the rest of my life, but it wouldn’t bring him back. 

When I first arrived in Hollywood in the eighties, for a little while I was living in the Family Fitness Center Gym in Beverly Hills (another story!). I got one of my first modeling jobs in Los Angeles for Auto Expo, the amazing car show at the downtown LA Convention Center, through a guy who also happened to be working out at 5am at the same gym.  His girlfriend got me a job representing the 1932 Duesenberg, part of the Harrah (Reno) Classic Car Collection; I had to learn a 3-page speech about overhead cam shafts and my gown was a beautiful, beaded flapper outfit which I was reluctant to return, but did get to wear to a concert at the Wilshire Theatre on the way home one evening…yes, I was the one being dropped off by the downtown to Santa Monica bus when everyone else was arriving in limos!  I met a lot of models over that time, especially one who I will name Angela.  Not so much for her privacy, but because I can’t remember her real name.  Maybe she was working for Jaguar? Anyway, I liked her and getting to know her over the weeks of the convention she emerged as a sweet and delicate but mostly angry and frightened woman…frightened of the dark, of LA, of spiders, frightened of everything and for some reason particularly frightened of being murdered and thrown in a dumpster.  It must have become her passion, her career, her unconscious ‘goal’.  So, when she achieved that goal, leaving her contemporaries in a state of shock at the news that she had indeed been raped and murdered and thrown in a dumpster, it occurred to me that maybe she had (unconsciously) planned her own death.

Personally, I’d rather go out in my sleep aged 110, after a delightful Sunday lunch fit as a fiddle, delightfully happy with all my family around me… after dessert and coffee, maybe a small liqueur and a few rounds of backgammon…can I make that my ‘Death Plan’ please, just like Angela ‘planned’ hers? Like the Hollywood star Bing Crosby who died a very old, tired, yet happy man after a rather excellent round of golf.  Maybe he decided that was how he would like to go and BAM! Your wish is My command!

So when I foresee my own death, if I really am in control of my own destiny in life, I can surely control to some vague extent, my own death?  I mean I don’t know where it will happen or when, but the primary question for me is ‘then what?”.  Who really knows, but maybe, if one fears dying and ‘afterlife’, they will find themselves in a fearful, terrifying place….if they think they will find themselves at a Golden Gate in the Clouds with St Peter taking inventory….maybe that is where they will find themselves…if one dies filled with guilt and remorse, what else would hell be? If one assumes they will just rot in the earth...then maybe they will.  What harm will it do if I paint a picture of my own afterlife being warm and friendly, a bountiful and unspoiled Paradise with all the people I loved in life around me ready to party?

Osho said “Once death is accepted, nothing can frustrate you”.  What is there to be afraid of if we can see our own afterlife as nothing but beautiful?  We are always telling ourselves and each other when someone else dies that they have gone to a ‘better, pain-free place’ and we believe it…why not for ourselves?

We are all going to die, that is for sure.  As soon as we are born we begin to slowly, or not so slowly, die.  Our first breath is just the precursor to the last.  It is the part in between that is the gift that has been given to us to make the most of.  Every good story has a beginning, a middle and an end.  The middle is up to us to make an interesting read for ourselves, full of adventure, travel, love, sex, car chases and lazy days on the beach.  Full of living and ‘practice deaths’…the death of our own childhood, adolescence, love affairs, family and friends.

So if I did die now, at least I would know that I have already had a very good innings, 55 not out.  When it is our turn, why not embrace it? Get into it! If you are going to do something, do it well! Die well my friends! Love Always Nisha

Health and Self Healing

November, 2009

Wellness and perfect health is NORMAL. Ha! What a laugh most people say!  I’ve got my backache, my headache, my swine flu, my suspected undiagnosed possibly terminal running of the nose. Every ‘my’ is ownership…and we know what we are like with our property…we guard it, develop it, nurture it, love it and protect it…sometimes to the death.

Let’s get one thing clear. Pharmaceutical companies and certain individuals of the medical profession don’t make money by getting you well.  They only make money by keeping you sick.  Where is the incentive to get you well? 

I’m not saying the medical profession doesn’t have an important place in our society or that there aren’t any good, honest doctors who genuinely want to heal others but I have seen with my own eyes the cocktails of medication that have been prescribed to people in the US for example and no-one can tell me that the bodies of these patients haven’t been turned into an experimental chemical laboratory, as all these drugs must have an effect on each other.  They never actually recover and assume that old age brings ill health, pain, new knees and hips and degeneration until they expire of exhaustion.  In Ancient China, the doctor was only paid when the patient recovered, which makes far more sense to me. 

Why are we looking outside ourselves for others to heal us anyway?  Having all kinds of tests done to see how sick we can find ourselves in order to give a ‘name’ to our ‘condition’, which is often just a good excuse to get the drugs and feel duty bound to take them because somebody told us to? Come on! We need to take full responsibility for our own health and trust the perfectly Immaculate Inner Doctor that we have all been blessed with!

When we walk across the room, the Mind tells the Body what to move and where. The Body obeys the Mind because it doesn’t have a separate mind of its own. 

The more we practice these habits the faster this mind-body response becomes until it is almost immediate, just like switching on a light. We can run without intellectualizing it! So, if we can do this with the parts of our bodies that we can see, walking and running, we should also be able to do this with the parts of our bodies that we can’t see as well; when it comes to relaxing our internal organs for example, or when we decide to self-heal.

We all share that Higher Power that resides within each one of us, regardless of what religion we like, or the colour of our skin or what we do for a living. Whether we are a good person or bad, it is the Magnificent Prana, the Life Force, that right now beats all of our hearts, making us all One. Unconditionally. It breathes us, functions all of our organs, circulates our blood, digests our food, fights off infection – all of the different aspects and systems of the Prana working individually and in union with each other, just like clockwork.  We are all designed in exactly the same way inside and it all works perfectly without any directions or instructions from us (which I am personally extremely grateful for because I wouldn’t know HOW to tell my lungs to breathe, my heart to beat or my kidneys to function, let alone in union with each other, all day every day!).  I couldn’t tell It to stop even if I wanted It to!

So it’s to this Power that I turn when I need to heal myself and it works every time.  The Prana has been operating me tirelessly since the moment of my conception, right up to now and continues to do so for the rest of my life. Whether I am thinking about it or not, whether I even believe it or not, It still works continuously for me, even when I am sleeping. The Prana is the perfect example of the Unconditional Love the Universe has for us as individuals. It is my dearest and closest Friend in all my life. 

A couple of years ago I slipped and fell to the sound of a thunderous crack in my foot. I immediately knew this was not good, my foot swelled up and was black and blue.  Everybody winced when they saw it; it was not pretty (besides the beautiful deep purple colour of course J).  To tell the truth, it was absolute agony and to make it worse, there was something that could have been a small bone, poking the skin on top of my foot.  I was determined to heal myself as usual and at the same time show the people around how to do it for themselves. So, since I couldn’t go anywhere, I spent hours per day finding the other end of the poking out bit and holding them together…to begin with, after an hour or so of holding it together it just popped back out again, but gradually it stayed in place.  I used arnica, put turmeric (a natural anti-inflammatory) on everything, massaged it, bathed it, had reiki, doubled up on my natural mineral and antioxidant supplements, drank lots of water and taught my classes. I ate well and I did everything I could think of, my goal being to be normal again as soon as possible.  It didn’t take long.

But more importantly I think, is that whenever anyone grimaced and said “...eeww, how is your poor foot? It looks AWFUL!”, I always, without fail, said “better”, “getting better”, “much better thanks”, “fine thank you”, etc., WHATEVER IT FELT LIKE. Instead of complaining and dragging out the healing, my Mind was telling my body that it was better and basically, it obeyed. I was running up and down the beach again every morning after 6 weeks, fit as a fiddle. I don’t know ‘how’ I healed myself any more than I know how the oxygen is extracted from every breath that I take to utilize within my body, while the carbon dioxide that I breathe out nourishes the plant world around me.  ‘How’ is always the domain of the Universe! But I do know a friend who did something similar to his ankle and opted for surgery and is still undergoing treatment for ‘complications’ 2 years later.

We all have this built in, Inner Doctor…but how many of us trust it?  Get a mental image of the Prana at work within your own body and see it all working perfectly.  It doesn’t need to look like anything from a medical journal, just a uniquely personal, inner view of yourself.  It definitely looks like SOMETHING in there, right? If it feels any different to perfect, see it as working towards healing. Meditate on the wellness and perfection in your body. You can absolutely trust It. What Miracles we are! Maybe we just need to be more vigilant about our thinking to combat sickness…THINK WELL THOUGHTS! Let perfect health be ‘normal’ for you too!

To your happiness and health!


Don’t Commiserate, Celebrate!

October, 2009

I have plenty to celebrate!  I have been blessed with my beautiful, happy, healthy, adopted daughter, Sundara, who has been living here with me in Guatemala since she was born in March this year.  She is truly a blessing, nothing short of a miracle. I had searched for her all over the world for many years and out of nothing and no way, a way was made as she chose me and became my little soul mate and companion on this Great Journey.  They say here in Guatemala that every baby comes with a loaf of bread under their arm and because of Sundara I am able to celebrate our beautiful home on Lake Atitlan, again a miracle of friendship and unconditional kindness.  I celebrate our nanny, Lucia, who loves and cares for my daughter as I do, while I work to keep our household together.

I celebrate my darling friends, so many now after all these years, with all the ups and downs we have shared. Each one with their own individual character, face, voice, opinions, skin colour and personality. Those wonderful, diverse people from all kinds of cultural backgrounds and social statuses and from all across the planet that mean so much to me.  They have given me the profound sense of Love that I feel for them.  Without them, how could I know Love?

I celebrate every morsel of the delicious food I have shared with them and others in my life; I have always been curious to sample ethnic cuisine and have been blessed with delicious tasting foods and wines from all over the world…from someone on the roadside selling out of a plastic bowl to the most sophisticated of dinner parties in major cities around the world.

I celebrate my animals and pets, past, present (and future J!); cats, dogs, horses, chickens, lambs, rabbits (which my father named Mixem and Tosis! -  I think the lambs were called Chop and Casserole! Oh Daddy, I can certainly celebrate your delightfully wicked sense of humour!).  I celebrate the beautiful gardens I have beheld, my own and those of others that I have tended or just visited. 

I celebrate the spectacular views I have witnessed; mountains, valleys, jungles, beaches, old ruins and beautiful city architecture; the extraordinary sunsets in Acapulco and Barra Vieja, Mexico; fishing from a friend’s yacht moored off the Similan Islands in the Indian Ocean and the two days of pure sailing it took us to get there; the small islands and hongs off the coast of Phuket; misty dawns over Malibu Beach from a ranch I worked on in Decker Canyon; breathtaking skies over Kerala and my home in Guernsey.  Not forgetting here in Guatemala…such beauty and simplicity in the rural areas and pueblos and of course our stunning Lake with its imposing volcanoes, never looking the same way twice.

I celebrate all the different jobs I have had, from my own successful Entertainment Agency in London, where over the course of 8 years I met some incredibly talented people…some famous, some gifted but unknown.   I celebrate my one woman play that caused such controversy and yet took me from the Edinburgh Festival to London to the Sydney Fringe Festival and Brisbane then on to Los Angeles, arriving back at the Edinburgh Festival a year later (and last year even being able to perform it again here in Guatemala).  I know I celebrated passing my final yoga exams with an A+!  I celebrate my lovers, some famous some not, some beautiful, some not.  I celebrate the money I have made…yes, it’s very easy to celebrate when I am winning at stuff…but…

Am I also able to celebrate the mountain of paperwork, legalities and sole financial responsibility that I am faced with, associated with completing the adoption of Sundara, that may take another 2 years to finish?  Yes of course I can, gladly, because she lives with me; thankfully she is not shut away in a children’s home somewhere waiting for me to get my act together.  Can I really celebrate the sad fact that my family don’t want us in their lives?  Well, if they did, would I be here now living this exquisite life or would I be having an average life in the bosom of their Love? I can be grateful to them for that!

Can I really celebrate the death of my darling Daddy, nearly 3 decades ago? I can certainly celebrate the short time we did have together.  Am I so magnanimous I can celebrate those so called friends who have hurt me or died or robbed me or just pissed me off?  The lovers that left me, preferring someone else after I had given my heart, Love, loyalty and much more to them, leaving me bereft and heart-broken? If I choose to, yes I can, because for sure I have learned something from the experience and become a stronger person, hopefully with more compassion, forgiveness and humility as a result.  Ah, these people have in fact been my greatest teachers in many ways.

Can I really celebrate the slums and the poverty I have seen in many 3rd world countries?  Can I dig really deep inside myself and find something good in everything? 

What I think is my choice and if I choose to look for the best, yes I can find something. Just like Pollyanna. Maybe the broad smile of a child who has nothing, or the laughter of a group of skinny, ragamuffin street kids kicking around a punctured ball or a tin can.  A father’s love for his family even if they live 10 of them in one room. Is it not the very seed of progress itself to find one tiny good thing in a sea of despair and focus on It, nourish It, water It and exalt It until It grows and grows into a bigger, better, beautiful flourishing thing that shines the light that expels the darkness?

Can I celebrate all the ‘failures’ in my life or can I just call them something different, like ‘learning experiences’.  Is it just semantics though? I know what it is like to feel like a failure, I’ve been there.  Homeless, jobless, broke, embarrassed, humiliated, hungry, frightened.  The endless rejection and misogyny in Hollywood and the acting career that lies on some cutting room floor.  How can I feel so bad about myself - inadequate, too ugly, too old, too this or too that because they picked the short blonde girl while I am tall and dark, when the part calls for a short blonde? The collapse of my business was exactly what was needed so that I could take off with my play and be free again! The truth is, I am glad those times are over, but I wouldn’t give them up or change them for anything, because they have given me something priceless…a balance, a strength and a compassion for others that I would have never known without these experiences from the life school of hard knocks.

I don’t have a vision of ending poverty and hunger, I have a vision of every, individual, living being having plenty with all their needs met on a daily basis. I don’t have a vision of war ending, but Peace existing in every single heart. I have a vision of every living soul housed, fed, watered, loved, healthy, happy, comfortable and useful. There is plenty for everyone. Once we remove the competition for wealth and the desperate need for power over others we will have peace on earth. A tall order? No, not to me. If I believed that I might give up or not bother to teach any more. It doesn’t matter if I get to see it in my lifetime or not. Is it not up to each of us as individuals to just do our best to promote peace by finding our own first and then promoting it by living it?  And while we are meditating on our own inner peace is our contribution to the collective consciousness not great, positive and powerful?

So may we begin to always look on the bright side: the glass is always half full. We look for the good in everybody and every situation, without exception...even in the most difficult of circumstances.  It’s the way out of those circumstances! We search and find the silver lining in the cloud and we proceed from there. Be grateful for what we have rather than ungrateful for what we don’t have.  It is the single most powerful energy for positive change. The Universal Law of Cause and Effect guarantees every time that if we are constantly dwelling in a state of gratitude, the effect is a constant supply of things to be grateful for!

Bring on all that wonderful stuff! And Celebrate your  precious Existence!

"The best way to overcome evil is to make energetic progress in the good."


With all my Love & Gratitude & Celebration.


Meditation for the Busy Man and Woman

September, 2009

It’s OK to work hard, but don’t make hard work of it!  Sound familiar? Stress is an insidious disease of the psyche: a repetition of negative, angry, resentful, low esteem, low vibrational thoughts and feelings and a fearsome visualization of one’s own future. “What if it all goes wrong?” “What is the worst possible scenario?”  And when it occurs that way “I TOLD you that was going to happen” or “I KNEW they would do that”.

When Patanjali first put Yoga into written form as the Yoga Sutras, he defined the practice as having 8 'limbs' or 'branches'.  The 3rd Limb, "Asana" refers to the postures or Yoga poses that most people associate with Yoga today.  According to the Sutras, the 7th Limb, "Dhyana", is about Relaxation and Meditation and is therefore considered equally important as the postures.  It is not about doing the headstand or the lotus pose, but to 'Quiet the distractions of the Mind', something that most of us Westerners could certainly benefit from!

The word Yoga is the ancient Sanskrit word for Union – The Union of the Mind, Body and Spirit. As we move into our various yoga postures, we remind ourselves of the union of the mind and body, when the mind sends messages to our arms and legs to move into the asanas and how almost automatic this is.  We don’t really have to think too much about it if we want to, say, lift up our arm.  The mind says “lift arm” and the arm lifts, really that fast.  And of course the more we practice our postures, the faster this mind-body response becomes, until it is just like switching on a light.  

In class, when we refer to “Spirit”, we are referring to our Higher Power, The Prana,  The Life Force, The Universal One Mind that doesn’t care which religion we like or what the colour of our skin is or whether we are The Dalai Lama or George Bush or me or you.  We are all One. It is the Prana that right now is beating all of our hearts, breathing us, digesting our food, circulating our blood in an immaculately designed network of vessels, valves, arteries and veins. All the different aspects and systems in the body (respiratory, glandular, skeletal, immune systems etc.), all working individually and in Union with each other.

The Prana is the Perfect example of the Unconditional Love that the Universe has for us as individuals because it has been working for us this way since the moment of our conception, up to this point and continues to work for us for the rest of our lives. Whether we are thinking about it or not, whether we are aware of it or not, whether we even believe it or not, it still works tirelessly for us, giving us the gift of our precious lives.  What a Miracle this is!!

But there is a science to peace and it starts within the individual. So I have made a study of Peace Within; all aspects, all angles and many questions…and you know what, I have found it!  Admittedly, it is something that requires constant attention, but there is a scientific, fail proof formula to individual, inner peace and it goes something like this:

Thought/Vibration – voice – action – result.  It is The Law of Cause and Effect, the powerful Law of Attraction – and it is not negotiable.

To put it simply, negative thought/low vibration – speech – emotional actions can only result in the low vibrational, tangible equivalent made manifest in our lives i.e. MISTAKES & TROUBLE!!

Creative Positive thought/high vibration – speech – emotional actions can only result in the high vibrational, tangible equivalent made manifest in our lives i.e. A HAPPY, CREATIVE, PRODUCTIVE LIFE!

Negative thought, if noticed and changed to a positive thought, positive speech etc., can therefore change the course of our destiny! Living and yoga teaching for many years in the greater Los Angeles area, I saw daily the utter desperation of people who live with acute stress on a moment-to-moment basis. And guess what many of them want to do about it?  Surgery!!  They want some stranger to physically remove some random part of their organism, which of course has certain individuals and pharmaceutical companies rubbing their hands together with glee, promoting and fear mongering in the media like crazy, and continuing the truly vicious cycle.

One of the greatest, most life transforming tools I have ever been gifted with is Autogenic Meditation. The technique was developed circa 1915 by the German neurologist & psychologist, Johannes Schultz.  It is a simple, self help method that promotes wellness and relaxation; reducing stress and restoring emotional and physical wellbeing, discouraging illness and even shortening the course of a disease. 

The procedure involves repeating a series of stock phrases, for example “I relax my toes, I relax my feet” etc. etc. going from feet to head, inside and out, imagining what it must look like inside one’s own body as we go along, using the most vivid of imagination.  An inner vision totally personal and unique to each one of us as individuals, unrelated to anything we may or may not have read in a medical journal; to imagine our lungs relaxing, our blood circulating at the perfect pressure and our kidneys functioning optimally etc. etc. Get a mental picture of it (it definitely looks like SOMETHING in there, right?), use your beautiful imagination, thereby eventually inducing a meditative state of complete relaxation. That inner image always sees the body, inside and out, functioning perfectly and relaxing easily at the command of the mind, (and with practice) just as fast as switching on a light.  And if anything feels different we focus on healing. 8-10 weeks of self-training is often sufficient to restore mental equilibrium, enhance coping skills and overcome sleep troubles.  Because stress can have such a negative impact on the body's immune defenses, autogenic training can also strengthen the immune function immeasurably.

At the end of each yoga class we have a 15 - 20 minute autogenic meditation to show people how to do this; to notice, be conscious of their own thoughts and the results have been interesting. We must be ever-vigilant about our thinking; we simply cannot afford the ‘luxury’ of negative thoughts and feelings. And from what I have seen, people are at least ‘curious’.   

The most important pre-requisite for autogenic meditation is to make time for it! Eliminate any obvious distractions, such as the phone.  Choose a quiet place where you feel at warm and at ease.  Then get into a relaxed position, preferably lying on your back on a padded surface.  To encourage relaxation, you might like to add a few drops of lavender oil to a diffuser or eye pillow and if you have a favourite meditation CD, headphones are a must. 

An eye pillow is very useful to keep the outside world outside.  Looking inwards and taking oneself on an inner journey through the vastness of one’s Inner Universe – as deep and profound and far-reaching as the Outer Universe, the Mind is just the gatekeeper between the two.  And remember, when you are finding your own place of Inner Peace, you are contributing in a powerful and positive way to the collective consciousness.

Practiced regularly, autogenic exercises can have a hugely beneficial effect on the autonomic nervous system and therefore all the organs of the body.  This simple technique can dramatically help relieve a wide range of problems caused by stress or nervous tension, such as palpitations, sleep difficulties, nervousness, stress, headaches, psychosomatic illness and chronic pain.

Finally, a note about ‘gratitude’:  Gratitude is the single most powerfully high vibrational energy for change.  If we can find something in our lives to be grateful for, (which shouldn’t be too difficult!) meditate deeply on that powerful feeling and replace that ‘something’ with our vision; being grateful that it already is, it is done.  If we live our lives in a constant state of gratitude; looking on the bright side – looking for the best in everything and everyone around us, not being attached to outcomes and being genuinely thankful for this wonderful existence - the only thing we can attract into our lives is a continuous stream of more and more to be grateful for, manifesting Itself most elegantly into our lives.


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