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Ma Prem Hasya

Ma Prem Hasya former Secretary of Osho left her body in Hollywood on August 19, 2014.

This was informed by Swami Prem Dhanyam from California USA.

The cause of the death is not yet known.

Osho made Hasya His Secretary during the Rajneeshpuram days after Ma Anand Sheela left the Ranch.

She was known as Francoise Ruddy before her sannyas. Her former husband Albert S Ruddy was a celebrated producer and is best known for the Hollywood block buster  "The Godfather".

Her home in LA has a special rock, that has engraved upon it one simple word: Remember. This denoted the essence of the teachings of her master Osho.

Hasya was with Osho during the last days of Rajneeshpuram and accompanied Him to India. When Osho left for the world tour from Nepal she coordinated the tour . After Osho returned to Pune she was there with Him as Secretary and left Pune soon after He left His body in 1990 and went back to USA.

Please share your experiences if you have ever met Ma Prem Hasya and spent time in her company.


Ma Prem Hasya had a dramatic start to her life. Born into a Jewish European family, she was still a little girl when Hitler came to power. As the Nazis began the Holocaust, her mother hid her with a Christian family and told her, “Remember, you are not a Jew!” Then she disappeared to save herself.
When the war ended, her mother returned to claim her, but it wasn’t easy because little Hasya had been told to deny her own past! Her mother was instructed to stand in a line of other women – an identification parade – and then Hasya was told to go and find her mother.
Totally confused and upset, Hasya walked blindly towards the line, stood in front of her real mother and burst into tears. The reunion had happened.
Her mother took her to live in Israel. But when her teenage daughter was called for army service and returned from practice at the firing range with a target full of bullet holes, her mother exclaimed “I didn’t save you from the Germans to lose you to the Arabs!” She promptly took Hasya to live in Canada.
Growing into an attractive woman – “I was a late bloomer,” Hasya once commented modestly – she met her future American husband, who was well on his way to becoming a very wealthy man.
But it wasn’t money, or even love, that persuaded Hasya to marry him. “Being with him, it was the first time in my life I felt safe,” she recalled.
Hasya had two children, a boy and a girl, and became accustomed to a life of wealth and political influence, but eventually tired of the superficiality of her social role. She convinced her husband to shift the family to Hollywood where she came in contact with the world of movies, showbiz and entertainment.
After divorcing her husband, she met a film producer and worked with him to create the legendary epic “The Godfather” and other movies. She became personal friends with Marlon Brando, Robert Redford and many other well-known actors and actresses.
It was in Hollywood that she met Osho sannyasins for the first time and travelled to India in ‘Poona One’ to meet the mystic personally. She became close friends with what became known as the “Hollywood crowd” – among them, Kaveesha, Dhyan John and David.
Together, they moved from Southern California to live on the Oregon Ranch. Other sannyasins soon noticed a dramatic improvement in the style and quality of Osho’s robes and hats, as Hasya and her friends showered his wardrobe designers with the most glamorous fabrics Hollywood could supply.
After Sheela left, Osho put Hasya in charge of the community. The mystic often introduced her to visiting reporters, telling them “Now you are in Hollywood!”
When Osho was arrested and jailed in October 1985, Hasya figured prominently in press interviews, expressing her deep concern for the 54 year-old mystic’s health. After his deportation, she helped to organize Osho’s world tour, staying with him in Nepal, Crete, Uruguay and Portugal.
At the beginning of Pune Two, Osho appointed Hasya as his International Secretary, which included running the busy Press Office, dealing with many visiting journalists.
Later, Osho spoke in discourse about the need for women to free themselves from their conditioning and gave Hasya the workshop ‘Women’s Liberation’, which continued at the Osho Academy in Sedona under “Women’s Liberation, Part 2″.
After Osho left his body, Hasya returned to her home in Los Angeles, where each Wednesday she opened her house for an Osho video discourse and meditations. During this time, she was also involved in the Sedona Mystery School with her dear fellow traveller, Kaveesha.
Several years ago, Hasya was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and since then has been in ill health until her death a few days ago.
By Subhuti
First published in oshonews.com


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