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Ma Yoga Sohan

Ma Yoga Sohan, a beautiful long time sannyasin of Osho left her body on the evening of 28 July, 2014. Lovingly called Sohan Ma, she met Osho in 1963 when her husband, Bafnaji, invited Osho to Pune. After listening to Osho’s discourse, she was spellbound and was instantly connected with the master.

Overcome with emotion, she was crying as Osho left at the end of a meditation camp in Matheran in the 1960s. Osho asked her to write letters to Him. Although she said she did not know how to write letters, Osho told her to send a blank letter. As He had nothing else to give her in return for her tears, He promised her he would send her a letter every day and that she should keep them so they could be published one day. Soon she started receiving beautiful hand written letters from Osho, now compiled into a book in Hindi ‘Path ke Pradeep’ and translated into English as ‘Life is a Soap Bubble’.

Bafnaji and Sohan Ma visited Osho thrice in Rajneeshpuram, USA, and Osho loved the ‘Sabudana Khichri’ prepared by her.

Once she shared with Ma Dharm Jyoti, “Osho once told me casually that He would visit me as an "athithi" (unexpected guest) someday. Much later, when I had almost forgotten, He was sitting in my house with Ma Laxmi and Ma Vivek when I entered my home. He gently reminded me that I came as an "athithi" to fulfill my promise. Ah my MASTER!”

Sohan Ma was suffering from Diabetes but remained active before leaving her body to merge with the beloved master Osho.

A year before this event of her leaving the body on July 28, Ma Dharm Jyoti visited her in Pune. During this meeting Ma Sohan shared some of the most beautiful moments she spent with her master Osho in these words:

Osho used to come frequently and stay at our home in Pune. In 1974, when the Pune ashram was ready, Osho asked me to inaugurate the ashram. I inaugurated it and applied tilak on His forehead. My husband and I were allowed to visit Him in the ashram anytime.

He once advised me that I write down all my thoughts: what I see during meditation, on a piece of paper. I did and my thoughts started to slow down.

Osho has always been very loving and caring towards me. Once in Woodland, Mumbai, I visited Him and when I went inside His room He was reading a book. He left reading and started talking to me. I felt embarrassed that I had disturbed Him and conveyed that to Him. He said, “If I keep reading when you come to see me, then gradually it would create a gap between us.” I was speechless with His endless shower of love.

In the Mahabaleshwar camp, when I touched His feet, my bindi got stuck on the thumb of His foot. He later went to take a shower and when he came out, the bindi was still on His foot. He said, he did not wash his thumb because my bindi was resting on it. All I could do was cry in joy.

I once made a thick chappati for Him. It is usually made in villages. He liked it very much and said that His mother used to make such chapattis for Him. Osho shared that He left eating these chappatis after coming to Pune and Mataji had also expressed this concern that who would make such chappatis for Him in Pune. Am I not so very blessed?

Bafnaji and I visited Him thrice in Rajneeshpuram while He was there. He met us with so much love and blessings and asked Ma Sheela to look after us .

Osho liked the sabudana (Sago) khichadi made by me. During my visit to Oregon,I was once called by Ma Mukti (Osho's cook) to prepare sabudana khichadi and I did. The next day, Mukti called me again and requested me to make it again so that she could learn it. The day after, I was again called by Mukti to His kitchen so that she prepares the khichdi and I check if it is made to His taste. It was a beautiful experience to cook for Him.

I also have very loving memories of Ma Laxmi. I met her in Woodland, Mumbai for the first time in early seventies. She was Osho's secretary at that time. Laxmi was very strict in letting people meet Him but would allow me and Bafnaji to meet Him.

Laxmi visited our house with Osho many times and used to relish the food made by me. She was very dedicated to Osho and a joyful sannyasin.



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