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A much loved sannyasin in Byron Bay, Japan and New Zealand, Manjusri left his body on December 03, 2014. He had returned from Japan after he had sought treatment for his illness to be with his family in New Zealand. 

His death celebration was held in Christchurch, 8th December. Ma Shahido from Australia remembers him lovingly and shares:

I have many memories of working together with him to keep Osho's work available here in Byron /Mullum. We will remember you Manjusri and thank you for your great love for Osho and your love to your fellow travellers. I have many stories of my adventures with you like the time we were brave enough to go to Brisbane and offer a Osho stall at the Body ,Mind, Spirit  festival and many people came to the stall and were so pleased to see us and wondered where all the sannyasins in Brisbane had gone. How I loved  it when you offered Osho Kundalini meditation  as a course in the  Byron Bay Adult Education.  The story of how I kicked you out of our commune in Gangas  Rd because you would not comply to the new rules and you went to the ranch and when I arrived you called out from a garbage truck where you were working and said “See Shahido, I am accepted here”.

Love you Manjusri. Fly high, beloved, I will never forget you!

Love Shahido


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