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Swami Anand Swabhav

To experience death is to experience all, in experiencing death you enter into the divine. OSHO

Swami Anand Swabhav, a long time disciple of Osho left his body on the morning of July 10, 2014 in Pune. He was born as Shri Harish Kumar Malhotra, in Rawalpindi (now in Pakistan) in 1938 and migrated to India during the partition of India in 1947, settling in Pune. He took sannyas in the 70s and it wasn't long before he was leading Meditation Camps all around India. In 1989, Osho made him His Ambassador for India. In 2001 Swami Anand Swabhava was incorporated as Trustee of The Manan Commune, Gujarat. 

The celebrations took place in the afternoon in Pune.

Swami Anand Swabhav’s Interview - Video

Duration - 50:39 min

A glimpse of Swami Anand Swabhav’s celebration


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