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Swami Narendra Bodhisattva

Swami Narendra Bodhisattva, long time disciple of Osho, left his body on the morning of May 15, 2014, in Dehradun.

Swami Narendra, born on October 30, 1940, knew Osho from his childhood and went to the same school in Gadarwada. Narendra completed his Post Graduation in Psychology from the University of Jabalpur. He worked as a Lecturer in PGBT College before resigning from his lectureship in 1972 to join Osho. Under Osho’s loving guidance Swami Narendra started editing His books in Bombay and continued to work in Osho publications and remained at Osho Ashram at Pune till Osho left His body in 1990. He and Ma Mukti traveled to the Himalayas and established the Osho Bodhisattva Commune, in Dehradun that is visited by many seekers and meditators today.

Swami Narendra had heart issues 20 years back and had been successfully operated by Dr. Naresh trehan in new Delhi after which his body had been healthy.  . Since 4-5 days he had caught cold and accumulated cough and mucus in the chest and the immediate cause of death was Pneumonia due to which the carbon di oxide in the blood became high leading to lowering of blood pressure.

A glimpse of Swami Narendra Bodhisattva’s celebration


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