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10 Days Awareness Intensive Osho Meditation Retreat in Mt Poconos
Posted by Raman Vashishta    Monday, December 27, 2010 at 20:52
(Dec 24 – Jan 2)

You can stay for full retreat or a part of it. For location click here.
If you are looking for a deeper meaning in life, this retreat may be a good chance for that.

For 10 days, each day - and day by day - we grow in awareness and go deeper in our own nature of Buddha hood and Enlightenment. Take the time and experience the timeless.

Cost: - For full retreat the cost is 350$, which includes 2 hours of working together in kitchen and helping each other , per day. Minimum stay is 2 nights, with cost of 120$ (60$ per night, including food and shared room accommodation). Then its 45$ per night from third day onward.

As Osho says, “Meditation is an adventure; the greatest adventure the human mind can take”, lets join in this adventure of a lifetime. Here