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Osho Meditation Camp, POCONOS, PA, USA
Posted by Samadhan    Thursday, January 13, 2011 at 11:34
If you are looking for a deeper meaning in life , this retreat may be a chance for that.
Take the time to experience the timeless.

For 2.5 days , Each day - and moment by moment - we grow in awareness and go deeper in our own nature of budddhahood and Enlightment. Lets start the new year with a deep awareness and blissful silence.

2.5 days and 2 nights from 21 Jan - 23 Jan.

Cost :-
For retreat the cost is 120$. Minimum stay is 2 nights, with cost of 120$ (including food and shared room accommodation).

As Osho said, " Meditation is an adventure; the greatest adventure the human mind can take" , lets join us in this adventure of a lifetime. Here during this 10 day retreat , we laugh, sing, dance, relax, play, create and celebrate life with the support of meditations designed by Osho.

Nothing would give us more happiness than to re-live the happiest moments of our childhood again, playing in the swings, running up the trees, whirling around