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PART V 1957-1970 Teaching and Travelling

Osho is appointed Professor at Sanskrit College, Raipur

Osho visits his Family, his father wants him to marry

Osho’s observations on Children

Osho’s experiences in Raipur

Osho as Professor of Philosophy, at Jabalpur University

Colleagues and academics

Osho’s experiences travelling in India

Osho's Garden

Osho writes many letters to friends

Examples of letters Osho wrote

Letters to Mrs Parekh

Rekhchand Parekh

Osho’s experiences with: Medicine and 'Miracles'


Remembering Past Lives



Osho explains Meditation

Osho teaches friends meditation

1962 Osho opens his first Meditation Centres

Osho holds Meditation Camps

1964 Ranakpur Meditation Camp

Development of Osho's Teaching

Osho’s interaction with: Jainas

Hindus and gurus

Sikhs and Punjabis





Mystics and Disciples


Gandhians and Politicians

The Rich and The Royal

The Poor and The Law

1966 Osho Resigns from the University

Osho’s impressions on Love and marriage

1968 Osho’s controversial discourse series: From Sex to Superconsciousness

Traditional attitude to sex

Spiritual Sex and Meditation


Controversy about Sex

Best-selling Book

Osho’impressions on Hippies

1969 First Talk in English to Westerners


Dwarka Meditation Camp Osho’s Teachings on Death

1970 Osho’s controversial discourse series: Beware of Socialism

Osho’s New Chaotic Meditation Technique

Osho attracts Controversy

Osho stops travelling

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