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> Osho and a Hitler salute

Osho often teases Swami Niskriya who operates the video camera in front of the podium.

Love is not the ultimate, it is just a training school for learning how to be alone. This togetherness is so painful that finally, even the most retarded learn that to be alone is the secret of being blissful.
Even Niskriya has learned it! He is a silent fellow; he tolerated as long as possible. He has no time for anything except his work, but even to him it became a trouble and finally, he had to get rid of it. Since then, he is looking very happy. I have just been wondering how long he will remain happy. It is possible—he may remain happy—he has his camera to hold on to! invita03

Niskriya is so statue-like that one feels afraid.
I have heard people ask for photographs of Niskriya just to make their children afraid….
Just last night he was standing almost the way the soldiers of Adolf Hitler used to stand: straight. And the day before he was wearing the Chinaman's cap with a small note: Excuse Me. You will have to think of the whole joke, then you will understand what "Excuse Me" means. He is trying his best. Just see what he does today…!
(As Osho leaves the Hall, he raises an arm to Niskriya, in a playful Hitler salute) shanti20

Last night, when you stood up to leave, you saluted with the gesture that we call in Germany the "Hitler" greeting. May I ask you what was your idea in doing this? What were you conveying through this gesture?
Now look Niskriya, how many troubles you are creating for me! This question is from Hilmar Pabel and Inge Byhan, photographer and journalist for Bunte. Soon you will see my photograph on the cover of Bunte with the salute…and I hope with a negative article. I enjoy negative articles!
And Pabel, I know you are not negative. You have loved the place, you have loved my people. You will be in difficulty now. You will have to write lies. But write! If you write anything positive about me, the article will not be published.
I am just making you aware and alert: if you want your photographs and article to be published, make it as negative as possible. I love all kinds of things.
Your question may seem superficial to others—it is not. As far as I am concerned there are many kinds of greetings….
The people who have gathered here are not soldiers, are not in any way interested that there should be any violence, any destruction. They know, and I want you and your readers of Bunte to know, that I am not a serious man. So I was just making a joke. And I have chosen Niskriya because he looks…Should I tell him to stand up again?
It is better…when I go then I will give you another chance to take the photograph—not only of me, but of everybody else! Let the Bunte readers also enjoy!
Pabel, you will forgive me, it is time for prayer (jokes). yaahoo03

Osho repeats Hitler-like salute, and encourages everyone to do so too. German magazine Bunte reporters are upset.

Last night, I was amazed to see that the people from `Bunte' magazine were upset by your remarks in the discourse. For myself and other German sannyasins it was beautiful to see you make such gentle and hilarious fun of the whole Nazi trip. My laughter helped to dissolve the whole heavy past and guilt associated with Hitler's Germany.
But the `Bunte' reporter, Inge Byhan, could not see the joke. She was totally enraged and wanted to leave in the middle. She said that what you were doing was a terrible insult to humanity. She was screaming afterwards.
Osho, I feel so sad that this stupid woman behaved so insanely. I ask you for forgiveness on her part and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for liberating me.
Turiya, it is amazing and yet it is not amazing. It is amazing because the old woman from Bunte magazine could not understand simple humor. I am absolutely against any Nazi ideology. It may be German, it may be Italian, it may be Indian—basically, I am against all fascist attitudes towards life. My message to all is: never for a single moment desire to dominate anybody, nor allow anybody else to dominate you.
The very idea of domination has to disappear from the world. Only then can we call this world a human reality. Otherwise, it is absolutely inhuman. Millions of people all over the world are standing with loaded guns just watching for orders to be given. Missiles are ready, just buttons to be pressed, which any idiot can do. Pressing a button does not need much intelligence.
And the whole world will be just a huge fire. Not even grass will grow for millions of years. I was making a joke against Adolf Hitler, but to understand a joke needs intelligence—and particularly for a German; that too an old lady journalist of a yellow, third-rate magazine. That's why I say it is amazing yet it is not amazing.
She wanted to scream. I also feel sad—not that she wanted to scream, I felt sad that she did not scream. We would have loved it, and screamed together with her! It would have been such a tremendous revelation; she would have been shocked to see what was happening all around. She would have been the first to stop screaming! But unfortunately, she did not scream. She had not even the courage to say what her whole being was exploding with.
What was the trouble with her? It is not only with her; it is with all of my German sannyasins, more or less. But it is natural. Under Adolf Hitler, Germany has made such wounds in the heart of humanity that every German, although he was not a participant in it, perhaps he was not even born at the time of the second world war—still, just being German and something inside hurts that "my country, my people have been so nasty, so destructive, so inhuman." They have destroyed forever a healthy heart without any guilt.
My effort was simply to help you to laugh at the point, because what is past, is past. And what Adolf Hitler did, you are not responsible for. If you can laugh, the wounds can be healed, the guilt can disappear. But rather than laughing, if you start screaming at me, you are simply proving my point that inside you the same fascist attitude still prevails. Still you think you are a superior race, superman; that the second world war was only a small battle, the real war is going to happen when the real Aryan German blood will rule over the world.
These may not be conscious ideas in you. But the whole atmosphere in which you have been brought up has left its imprints in your unconscious. And unless you start laughing at the very stupidity of the idea of ruling over the whole world, of being somebody special, superior to anybody else…Laughter is a great medicine. It is a tremendously powerful therapy. If you can laugh at your own unconscious, the unconscious loses its force. In your very laughter your guilt, your wounds, disappear.
Those two old German goats…it was specially for them! My hand has been hurting for months, but thinking that these poor fellows have come from Germany, I forgot about my hand. And they were so angry that today they were going to have interviews with sannyasins but because of their anger they left Poona immediately—with a threat to Turiya, because Turiya is a princess of Hannover, so that old woman who was screaming, or wanted to scream, was calling Turiya again and again "Your Highness"…Poor Turiya felt ashamed at what that old goat was saying: You are a princess, royal blood, the last descendent of the German emperor, the oldest royal dynasty in the world, and you are mixing with these common people? She told Turiya, "I am going to write against Osho."
I laughed, because I told her beforehand! She was really stupid; otherwise I would have helped her more. I did as much as I could on my own. If she wanted to write…and that was specially the purpose, because Bunte magazine and those kinds of magazines and newspapers are not in search of anything good happening anywhere. They are in search of something dirty, nasty. They are seekers of gutters. Unfortunately, we don't have any gutters here….
That old goat was threatening that she is going to write against me. I have told her myself—"Please, write against me, because nobody is writing against me and I enjoy people writing all kinds of lies and fictions. I have nothing to lose." All these idiots have made me a world celebrity, and I am just an ordinary man.
But she has gone in great anger. I have told her, "Let my picture with the `Hitler salute' be on the front page of Bunte, with seven thousand hands raised." And she could not understand that this is a joke, and in a very nice and loving way I am telling that you are still carrying your past within you. It doesn't matter that you are carrying a German past—everybody is carrying his past, and my effort is to destroy your past, to free you from your past….
Just enter into your own kingdom. And a kingdom which cannot be conquered by anyone—unconquerable. A kingdom which once found cannot be lost. A kingdom which blossoms in everyone.
I was talking about that kingdom yesterday as the mystic rose. But that old goat did not hear a word of what I was saying. She was only concerned that I have "insulted humanity." I cannot see any logical connection between the fascist salute of Adolf Hitler and humanity. Adolf Hitler killed humanity, insulted humanity. Forty million people—a very good account!—he murdered, butchered, gassed. And that old woman did not think that he has insulted humanity.
I am simply making you aware that if some part of you is still carrying, without your knowing, the junk that the past always leaves behind…and it goes on being given from one generation to another generation. Let it evaporate in a great laughter. Drop it. Forget that you are a German, forget that you are an Indian, forget that you are English.
It is enough that you are human. yaahoo04

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