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> Osho's teases Sardarji

Sardar Gurudayal Singh is laughing. And he does nothing, he just remains a buddha the whole day. You can find him in any position, but he will be the buddha. He has been with me for thirty-five years. Hitting him again and again, I have awakened him so much that now it is difficult for him to sleep! So he goes on waking up other people. What else to do when you cannot sleep? You cannot allow anybody else to sleep, it is too much. turnin04

Now it is time for Sardar Gurudayal Singh.
Sardar Gurudayal Singh has a special time (Sardarji gives a special whoop at this, and everybody laughs with him) because he is a special man. (Sardarji releases an even longer "whooooooo!" Accompanied by more laughter.)
His speciality is—there are many new guests so I want to tell them—that he is the only man in the whole world who laughs before the joke is told!
And these jokes have a certain spiritual purpose. We have been serious…. (Sardarji punctuates again.) Before going into meditation, you have to calm down, relax, laugh, forget all about religion…. (This time, Sardarji really enjoys!) christ01

When you laugh, laugh totally, without any considerations. Don't hold anything back. Learn to laugh from Sardar Gurudayal Singh, who is a laugh unto himself—a real joke. He is the only man in the whole world I have come across who laughs before the joke. There are people who laugh in the middle of the joke because they suddenly realize what is going to happen. But from the very beginning, when I have not even started…that is the real and authentic man of laughter. And I know…he has his disciples. He is a very respected, old sannyasin. People sit around him just to have a good laugh. dogen05

It is time for Sardar Gurudayal Singh—a really great time. Put on the light, because I want to see the faces of my people laughing! celebr02

And a good news before I take the sutras.
A famous New York sculptress, Martine Vaugel has just now taken sannyas from the New York Center of Neo-Sannyas International. She is a world-famous sculptress. She must have been listening to my tapes, and must have been hearing Sardar Gurudayal Singh's name every day. So, without seeing him—she has not yet come to Poona, and she has not seen Sardar Gurudayal Singh…but this is the sensitivity of an artist, a creativity. She has made a statue of Sardar Gurudayal Singh, and she has sent me a picture of the statue to see whether she is right? And I was amazed. She is absolutely right. The picture looks almost like Sardar Gurudayal Singh.
(the master holds up the photograph of Sardar Gurudayal Singh for all to see. In response, everyone cheers and claps.)
Sardar Gurudayal Singh…take your picture!
(The master, enjoying the situation immensely, holds out the photograph for Sardar to take.) celebr06

Osho's teases Vimal

Vimal, who reads the questions whenever Maneesha is unable to, wears on one occasion a Ghandi cap and pyjamas

I am puzzled looking at Vimal's situation. Now the poor fellow is wearing a cap to deceive me. He must be thinking that perhaps I will think somebody else is there. He was even using glasses—and he cannot read with the glasses on, that's why I had asked him to take off the glasses.
And this shirt, and this cotton pajama…This seems to belong to that fellow who lives in the bamboo hut! Perhaps he forgot to mention about the Gandhi cap—Gandhi cap, Nehru shirt…and the pajama certainly belongs to someone else because I have never seen Vimal in such a situation. He is praying day and night—but Maneesha is also very stubborn. Now she will prolong her cold one knows not how long and poor Vimal is going to suffer every day…. yaahoo18

On another night Vimal wears a sari

A real woman is sitting in front of me! I offer to introduce you to this woman. You will not find such a woman anywhere in the world; with a small beard, a beautiful mustache…And really looking beautiful!
I wonder, why has Vimal not been using this dress from the very beginning? After I have left, you all have to see her—I really mean her, it is not a mistake—and rejoice in a real woman. yaahoo19

Just before osho's car comes, a big black gorilla enters the hall and sits behind Maneesha.
Now look, just by the side of Maneesha, a gorilla is sitting. Gorilla, sir, will you stand up?
That's good.
Soon it is going to be very difficult, if tigers and gorillas hear you—and they are bound to hear, because here is a place where they can be respected.
So playful, so childlike, so non-serious, so alive is the approach of Zen.
It is perfectly good for tigers and lions and deer to come to this gathering. They will appear, for this gorilla is going to spread the news. Gorilla sir, please be silent, although it is not your way, neither is it in your nature; but please don't start gossiping about this temple. We don't want tigers and lions, because we don't have space. Just wait a little…once we have got a bigger space, which we will be getting, then you can bring all the gorillas—you must have friends, a wife, children. A gorilla does not believe in celibacy, he is not a Catholic monk.
And having a few gorillas here dancing with you will be a real joy. Today you will have to be satisfied with only one. But when one comes, a second will be close behind him….
I would love every species to be represented here, but unfortunately there is not much space and when such great people as gorillas start coming…They are your forefathers, be respectful. This is not me, but Charles Darwin speaking.
I don't know whether this gorilla can give a good gorilla shout.
(the gorilla screams loudly.)
Don't make Maneesha afraid! Be a gentleman! It is a question of the dignity and respect of gorilla culture. Anyway, everybody is happy that you have come. I hope you will give a dance too at the end. So get ready…. quant03

Although Vimal was hiding behind a gorilla coat, still Vimal was Vimal.
The body that Vimal has is another coat, given by biology. Behind that coat, given by your society there is another layer: the mind. And within that mind is your temple, your buddha. We are searching here for nobody else but our own authentic being.
It was good of Vimal to come in a gorilla dress, because everybody is wearing different kinds of dresses. The inside has the same taste, the same sweetness, the same song, the same laughter. quant04

Osho teases Avirbhava

Avirbhava waits by the door when Osho arrives and leaves, and he makes a playful mock-threatening expression towards her, at which Avirbhava screams with delight. Now he teases her during the discourse as well.

I don't scare anybody except Avirbhava, because she has a quality of a child. I don't know why. Perhaps her father is dead, her mother is dead…I feel a tremendous feeling for her—and she is utterly innocent. So once in a while—not once in a while, almost every day—whenever I have the chance and she is close by, I try to do my best. pilgr16

Last night, when I went out, Avirbhava was on the outside door to open the car…And I have my own way of relating to people; I scare her, and she is so innocent, she gets scared—at least she pretends. She never disappoints me, "No…"…
It is just out of my love, and everybody knows it: whenever I see her, I like to scare her a little—and she enjoys it. Many times I wanted to pass without scaring her, and I felt, "No, it is not good, because she will be expecting it and I am going without doing it. It is inhuman…. " pilgr09

Two Zen masters are just like children—shouting, shrieking, screaming, for no reason at all.
You know Avirbhava's shrieking…. That is Zen shrieking—for no reason at all. Because I don't do anything to her…! But I miss her when she is not there at the door. She is almost like a gong declaring: "The Master has come!" When she is not there, I miss her. Her screaming is just like a small child, so innocent, without any purpose. But she is total when she screams, it is not from her mind, it is coming from deeper spaces. So even sometimes when I have entered the hall, she goes on screaming. My car goes away and then she drops on the ground with immense joy. celebr05

I have known one person who does not need to be tickled. Just from far away you make the gesture, and that is enough. Here there is also one person, everybody knows her. She is sitting so buddha-like, but just if I do this right now…
(The Master jiggles his fingers in a tickling gesture towards Avirbhava, who shrieks in surprise. Each time he "tickles," everyone roars with laughter, and the Master himself is chuckling behind his sunglasses. He alternates his tickling gestures with a series of hand movements to calm us down…Until the next outbreak of laughter.)
And where is Anando?
(The Master, spotting Anando, begins to jiggle his hand in her direction and is laughing himself. More waves of laughter.)
That is Anando, I could see.
This is the only way buddhahood arises: the master has to tickle. Now do you see the effect? I have not even tickled Avirbhava, neither have I tickled Anando, and you are all laughing!
(More "tickles" and more laughter ensue.)
This tickling is called, in the sutras, The Great Transmission. I have not even touched…
(He "tickles" several people, laughing, and everyone is carried along with him again.)
The master can only create a device. The device has no logical connection. Now do you see why you are laughing? Of course Avirbhava, at least, is tickled from far away—remote control. But why are you laughing? I have a remote control…
(The Master demonstrates his remote control on Avirbhava, and we all laugh some more. He laughs, and then motions to her to be still.)
Calm down. Just sit like a buddha…close your eyes (He giggles)…look inside. (Another burst of laughter.)…
You have just seen it. Do you want to see it again?
(The Master begins to "tickle" again provoking waves of laughter, with a few chuckles from him.) I have two remote controls—one for Avirbhava and the other for Anando. Wherever they are in the universe…just tickle and they will laugh. And with them, others will laugh for no reason at all.
I want you to understand: enlightenment is so light, so loving, so peaceful—just like a laughter. The theologians have made it so heavy, so burdensome, that people ignore it. Enlightenment should also be entertainment at the same time. dogen08

That's why Zen does not take things seriously. What does it matter?—in this life or in some other life you are to become a buddha.
The buddha is the New Man.
He is the man of the future.
The whole human consciousness is moving towards buddhahood.
Strangely, it is already there within you, but you are not aware. Hence, a master can be helpful to you.
It is just like tickling you (The master makes tickling gestures towards us)…and you start laughing, and I have not tickled yet! (Again he makes the movement)…And you will start feeling…(For the third time, he stretches his fingers towards us) the master's work is to tickle you. And it is a joy to tickle ten thousand buddhas! isan08

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