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> Osho’s observations on Children

You ask me: Have You never wanted to have a child Yourself?
No, for the simple reason that I don't want to burden this earth. It is already burdened too much. last112

I used to live in Raipur for one year. One day I just saw the neighbour beating his small child, so I rushed into his house and told him 'What are you doing? I will call the police!'
He said 'What are you talking about? This is my kid! And I can do anything that I want to my kid! And who are you?'
I said 'This is not your kid. This is God's kid. And I can claim as much as you can claim.'
He could not believe what nonsense I was talking. He said 'This is my kid. Don't you know?—you have been living here for one year.'
He could not understand because of the claim—the claim that 'This is my kid, and I can do anything that I want to do.' For centuries parents were allowed to kill their child if they wanted to. They were allowed, because the thought was accepted that 'You have given birth.' How can you give birth? You have been just instrumental. Don't claim. No child belongs to you. All children belong to God, they come from God. You are at most a caretaker. isay107

Perhaps very few mothers on this earth have fulfilled the role of motherhood. It's a Herculean task to be a mother. And the task is, for nine months giving the child's consciousness a specific direction. During these nine months, if the mother stays angry…. And when she gives birth to an angry child, when he behaves angrily, she scolds him, rebukes him, and wonders who has spoiled him, what bad company he must have fallen into.
Mothers come to me complaining about their sons and daughters having fallen into bad company. But they don't realize that they are the ones who have sown the seeds of their children's wrongdoings. They alone are responsible for building their consciousness—children are simply manifesting it. Of course, sowing the seed and its manifestation are two different phenomena. We don't see the connection between the two because an enormous gap exists in between. now14

I was staying in a friend's house in Amritsar. Early in the morning I went into the garden. My friend's young child, not more than eight years old, was also there picking flowers. Seeing me, he came to me and we started talking. I asked him, "What are you going to become in life?"
And he said, "My mother wants me to become a doctor, my father wants me to become an engineer, my uncle wants me to become a scientist, my younger sister wants me to become the prime minister; and as far as I am concerned, nobody asks me. And I don't know either. If somebody asks the way you have asked, I don't know who I want to become."
But this is the situation of every child. He is being dragged by others, forced by others this way and that. Of course he lands somewhere, he becomes something, but he loses his being. In this becoming, he has lost his most precious treasure. ignor22

I used to live in a house eight or ten houses away from a post office. In front of my house was the public park, so it was a very quiet and silent place. I used to go for a walk early in the morning about three o'clock. One day I saw near the post office a little boy with a mustache. I could not believe it. It was dark, but it was full-moon night, so I could see the mustache. And he was smoking a cigarette.
I thought, "Perhaps he is a pygmy." Seeing me the boy moved behind a big tree by the side of the road. So I went behind the tree.
The boy said, "Don't tell my father."
I said, "I'm not going to tell anybody. Who are you? I don't know your father."
He said, "My father is the postmaster here; that is the post office."
I said, "What are you doing? You have got a good mustache."
He just pulled the mustache off. He said, "It is not real, but my father has a real mustache and I always want to grow one quickly. But how to grow it quickly? I even shave my mustache when my father is out, but nothing grows. And he shaves twice a day. So I got this mustache from a shop which sells things for people who are playing in a drama in a college gathering or somewhere."
And I said, "You are smoking a cigarette, too." He was hiding it behind him.
He said, "My father always smokes, and while smoking he really looks like a man. So I just thought to give it a try."
In that small boy I saw all the children of the world. Every child wants to grow fast, because what is childhood? Being ordered by the mother, by the father, being ordered by the teacher, beaten by the parents, beaten by the teacher… Every boy wants, every girl wants, just to grow as quickly as possible… Just remember your own childhood. gdead03

Once it happened: I went to see a friend with one of my friends driving me. His small son had come with him—not more than three years old. The friend went into some other person's house to enquire whether he was there or not. I was sitting in the back of the car and the child was sitting in front. The child somehow fell over and hit his head against the wheel. I closed my eyes, as if I had not seen. He looked at me, remained silent. After ten minutes when his father came back he started crying.
I said, "This is not right! This is not fair! Why are you crying now?"
He said, "And then what to do? What was the point of crying? You were not even looking at me!"
I said, "Now it cannot be hurting. At that time it must have hurt, I know."
But he knows the politics because he understood immediately: "This man will not take any note of it. Even if I cry or weep it is useless. When my father is back, then!" guida11

I once lived with a friend for a few days. He had a small son so full of energy, that it was impossible to talk. He was jumping into everything, throwing things, putting on the radio. My friend said: "What to do with this boy? He is so full of energy…. "
I said, "Don't be worried." I told the boy, "You just go around the house as many times as you can. Then you can ask for any reward, and I will give it to you."
He said, "Promise?"
I said, "Promise." He could go only seven times around the house and then he was flat on the ground.
I said, "What are you doing?"
He said, "Finished!"
I said, "What about your reward?"
He said, "I will think later on. Right now, don't disturb me."
His father said, "Strange…I have been telling him continually, not to disturb me! It is the first time he has said `don't disturb me!'"
I said, "He has gone into meditation!" spirit21

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