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> Osho writes many letters to friends

I have always loved. Addresses have changed, but I have been writing love letters my whole life. last108

All saints are averse to writing. They sing, they speak, they dance, they indicate, but they don't write. To write something is to make it very limited. A word is a limitation; only then can it be a word. If it is unlimited it will be the sky, containing all the stars. That's what a saint's experience is.
Even I myself have not written anything…just a few letters to those who were very intimate to me, thinking, or perhaps believing, that they will understand. I don't know whether they understood or not. So my book A Cup of Tea is the only book that can be said to have been written by me. It is a compilation of my letters. Otherwise I have not written anything. books07

I can talk only to persons. That's why I have never written a book. I cannot!—because for whom? Who will read it? Unless I know that man who will read it, and unless he creates a situation, I cannot write—for whom? I have written only letters, because then I know that I am writing to somebody. He may be somewhere in the United States, it makes no difference—the moment I write a letter to him it is a personal phenomenon: he is there. While I am writing he helps me to write. Without him it is not possible; it is a dialogue. suprem10

Examples of letters Osho wrote

Last night when lamps and lamps were lit up all over town I thought: My Sohan* too, must have lit lamps and a few among them must surely be for me! And then I began to see the lamps you had lit, and also those your love has kept lit always. I shall stay here another day. I have talked of you to everybody and they are eager to meet you. teacup01
*Note:Osho wrote many letters to Sohan, and for rest of his life referred to her in discourses as one of his most devoted disciples

I received your letter. How lovingly you insist on my writing something, and here am I, drowned in a deep silence! I speak, I work, but I am steeped in emptiness within. There, there is no movement. Thus I seem to be living two lives at one time.
What a drama! But perhaps all of life is a drama and becoming aware of this opens the door to a unique freedom. That which is inaction in action, stillness in motion, eternity in change—that is truth and that is existence. Real life lies in this eternity—everything else is just the stream of dreams. In truth the world is just a dream and the question is not whether to leave these dreams or not, one just has to be aware of them. With this awareness, everything changes. The centre moves. A shift takes place from body to soul.
And what is there? It cannot be told. It has never been told and it never will be! There is no other way but to know it for oneself. Death is known only through dying and truth is known only through diving deep within oneself. May God drown you in this truth! teacup01

I have received your letter. You long for the peace I have within me. It is yours any time. It is the deepest possibility in everyone, it only has to be uncovered. As springs of water lie hidden under layers of earth so does bliss lie hidden within us. The possibility is there for everyone but only those who dig for it can redeem it. The excavation of these hidden treasures lies through religion. Digging with it one reaches the well of light within. I have shown you how to dig and what with, but the digging has to be done by you. I know your soil is absolutely ready, with very little effort the infinite streams can be reached. This state of mind is attained with the greatest good fortune so don't waste it or miss this opportunity. Fill yourself with determination and leave the rest to God. Truth runs alongside will.
Don't hesitate to write, I have lots of time for you. I am for those who need me—nothing in my life is for myself. teacup01

I want to make everyone aware of this thirst. I want to convert everyone's life into a waiting. The life that has turned into a waiting for God is the true life. All other ways of life are just a waste, a disaster. teacup01

I am pleased with your progress. Your letter was received long back but as I was busy there was delay in replying, but my memory of you is always there, along with all those eager for the light. My good wishes flow for ever towards them. We have to keep going. Many times one becomes disheartened on the path but ultimately the thirsty pilgrim reaches the spring. In fact the water is there before the thirst. My kind regards to all. teacup01

I have only just arrived here, the train was five hours late. You wanted me to write as soon as I got here so I am doing so. Throughout the journey I thought of you and of the tears falling from your eyes. Nothing in the world is more sacred than tears of love and joy. Such tears, so pure, are not of this world. Though part of the body, they express something which is not. Whatever can I give you in return. teacup01

I looked for your letter as soon as I got here yesterday. Though it was Sunday, I kept waiting for it. It came this evening—how much you write in so few words! When the heart is full it pours into the words and so few are needed. An ocean of love can be contained in just a jug! As for scriptures on love—it is enough to know the four letters of the word! Do you know how many times I read through your letters? teacup01

I arrived here yesterday and have been thinking of writing ever since but it didn't happen until now. Forgive the delay though even a single day's delay is no small delay!
What shall I say about the return journey? It was very blissful. I kept sleeping, and you were with me. It appeared I had left you behind but actually you were still with me. This is the being-together that is so real that it cannot be divided. Physical nearness is not nearness, there can be no union on that level, only an unbridgeable gulf, but there is another nearness which is not of the body, and its name is love. Once gained it is never lost.
Then no separation exists despite vast distances in the visible world. If you can arrive at this distancelessness with even one other it can be found with everybody. One is the door, the all, the goal. The beginning of love is through one, the end is all. The love that unites you with everything, with nothing excluded, I call religion, and the love that stops anywhere I call sin. teacup01

It was just this time of night, two days ago that I left you at Chittor. I can see now the love and bliss filling your eyes. The secret of all prayer and worship is hidden in the overflow of those tears. They are sacred. God fills the heart of those he blesses with tears of love, and what to say about the calamity of those whose hearts are filled instead with thorns of hate?
Tears flowing in love are offerings of flowers at the feet of God and the eyes from which they flow are blessed with divine vision. Only eyes filled with love can see God. Love is the only energy that transcends the inertia of nature and takes one to the shores of ultimate awareness. I think that by the time this letter reaches you you will already have left for Kashidham. I don't know how your journey was but I hope it passed in song and laughter. Give my kind respects to everyone there. I am waiting, for your promised letters. teacup01

Love. Your letter has come. Love has not to be asked for—it is never obtained by asking; love comes through giving—it is our own echo.
You feel my love pouring on you because you have become a river of love flowing towards me, and when your love flows like this towards all you will find the whole world flowing in love towards you.
To respond with unconditional love towards all, towards that which is, is the God-experience. teacup02

Where to find truth?
Well, it has to be sought within one's own self,
within one's own self
within one's own self
within one's own self
It is definitely there.
One who seeks it elsewhere loses it. teacup02

Love, so much love. I received your letter when I got back. I could feel the ardour of your heart through your words.
I well know the fervour that stirs your soul and the thirst that turns into tears within you. I was once there too, I too have suffered it. I can well understand your heart because I have travelled those same paths you now have to take in the quest for God. I too have experienced the longing that one day turns into a raging fire in which one has to consume oneself. But this burning brings the birth of a new life. The drop can only become the ocean when it ceases to exist.
Continue your efforts in meditation; you have to go deeper and deeper into it-it is the only way. Through it and it alone can one reach life's truth.
Remember: lf you become absorbed in sadhana, fully committed and surrendered, you are bound to reach the truth. This is an eternal law. No step taken towards God is ever wasted. teacup01

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