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> Osho holds Meditation Camps

1962-1974 Osho holds many Meditation Camps of 3-10 days, during which he gives several daily discourses and leads meditations.

I used to talk to crowds of fifty thousand people or one hundred thousand people, and I knew that everything was going beyond their heads; they were just sitting there….
These people loved me, not because they understood what I was saying, but just because of the way I was saying it. They loved my presence but they were not seekers. They had just taken an opportunity.
Soon I became tired. It was utterly useless because they were listening with one ear, and from the other ear it was going out—that was the men! Women listen with both the ears, and everything goes out from their mouth. Just a little difference! Have you ever seen two women sitting silently together?
The world is so full of gossiping, and you are talking about meditation. It is so juicy to gossip about what is happening in the neighborhood. As far as meditation goes, there is enough time in old age, or even after death. Silently lying down in your grave you can meditate as much as you want. But right now there is so much happening all around—somebody's wife has escaped, somebody's husband is cheating his wife….
Seeing the situation, that it is almost futile to talk to the crowd, I started gathering a few people. The only way was to drop speaking to the crowds. I would go to a mountain and I would inform people that whoever wanted to come to the mountain for ten days, or seven days, could come and be with me. Naturally, if somebody takes ten days out of his work, he has some interest, it cannot just be curiosity. If he leaves his wife and children and job for ten days, at least he shows a sign that he is not only curious but he really wants to know. That's how the meditation camps began. hyaku08

I used to go often to Udaipur, in Rajasthan. In Udaipur I had my first meditation camp; and I had a very beautiful gathering of people. mess212

To a friend Osho writes:
I have just got back from a camp at Ranakpur.
It was just for friends from Rajasthan, that's why you weren't informed.
It lasted five days and about sixty people participated.
It was a wonderful success and it was obvious that much happened.
Encouraged by the results the organizers are planning a Camp on an all-India basis.
You must come to that. teacup01

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