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> Osho stops travelling

You ask me: Why did You stop traveling?
Traveling, I was trying to find people who are ready to go with me to any end. The moment I became aware that I had enough people in India, that I need not bother to go on traveling, I could now settle in one place and let people come to me. As I became settled, Indians came, and soon people from around the world slowly, slowly started coming. last113

In 1970 Osho writes to a friend:
This was my assurance given to many friends in the previous life that when truth is attained, I will inform them.
That I have done.
Hence, my travels in India are almost over.
Certainly some friends are outside India also—I am creating the bridge to contact them.
Although friends have no memory of the promise taken,…
But what is known to me must be done.
Now, generally I will stay at one place.
This way I will also be able to concentrate more on the seekers.
And I will be more available to those who really need me.
Whether I travel or not, whether I speak or not, it will make no difference for those who are ready to move along with me.
For them, even not travelling my travels will be continuing,
And even in my silence I will be speaking.
If my body disappears in the formless, even then they will go on receiving the support of my hands.
And not only today but ever—I will show them the path through the eternal flow of time.
Because, not I am not—only God is singing the song through my flute.
May those who have eyes see it.
May those who have ears hear it.
May those who have wisdom recognize it. letter03

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