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Osho's extensive library is brought from Jabalpur to Woodlands Apartment. Friends continue sending books for him, and now he receives the latest publications from the West on religion, mysticism, sciences, sociology, psychiatry, therapy, humour, etc. During discourses Osho often comments on books he is reading:

When you look, you are throwing a certain amount of energy. Wait, be silent, allow that energy to come back. And you will be surprised. If you can allow the energy to come back, you will never feel exhausted. Do it. Tomorrow morning, try it. Be silent, look at a thing. Be silent, don't think about it, and wait patiently for a single moment—the energy will come back; in fact, you may be revitalized.
People continuously ask me…. I go on reading continuously so they ask me, "Why are your eyes still okay? You must have needed specs long ago."
You can read, but if you are reading silently with no thought, the energy comes back. It is never wasted. You never feel tired. My whole life I have been reading twelve hours a day, sometimes even eighteen hours a day, but I have never felt any tiredness. In my eyes I have never felt anything, never any tiredness. Without thought the energy comes back; there is no barrier.
And if you are there you reabsorb it, and this reabsorption is rejuvenating. Rather than your eyes being tired they feel more relaxed, more vital, filled with more energy. vbt51

Just now, a few days ago, I was reading a book. The book is written by a psychoanalyst… doctrn12

I have been reading the memoirs of Wilhelm Reich's wife…. doctrn15

I was reading about some of the experiments that A. S. Neill tried at his school, Summerhill. He experimented with a new type of school where there was total freedom. He was the headmaster, but there was no discipline. eso05

I was recently reading the life-story of a Sufi fakir—a wonderful Sufi…. way115

I was reading one Sufi mystic…. vbt49

I was reading about a Hassid, a Jewish Master, Baal Shem…. yoga102

I was reading Bertrand Russell. He says, "Intellectually, I conceive of Buddha as being greater than Jesus. But deep down in my heart, that is impossible: Jesus is greater than Buddha…. vbt24

I was reading a very funny book. The title is Three Christs…. vbt75

I was reading Castaneda's book. His master, Don Juan, gives him a beautiful experiment to do. It is one of the oldest experiments…. vbt77

I was reading a viceroy's journal, Lord Wavell's journal…. vbt80

I was reading a memoir written by Popov. Popov was a seeker, and an ardent seeker. She was practicing spiritual disciplines with Piotr Dimitrovich Ouspensky…. finger01

Just a few days before I was reading Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Confessions. This is a rare book. It is really the first book in world literature in which someone bares himself, totally naked…. vbt15

I was reading Voltaire's life…. vedant14

I was reading about one poet, a German poet, and he relates one incident of his childhood. vbt25

I was just looking at a Peanuts joke-book. Charlie Brown says there, "I love mankind; it is people that I can't stand." "I love mankind; it is people that I can't stand."… vedant03

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