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> Shaktipat Experiments

Shaktipat is the energy of a Master which may trigger energy in people, producing involuntary physical and emotional responses like crying, laughing, chaotic breathing, shaking, trembling, and celebrating.
The instructions are: 20 minutes instrumental music, followed by 20 minutes silence, followed by 20 minutes music. During the music people are to express whatever comes. People are requested to bring a flower with them.

"You have nothing to do; you are not the doer. Only be empty, so that I can enter you and work. On your part only surrender is required. Then I will do the rest. But once I enter you, then let any reactions happen and cooperate completely with them." Sannyas magazine March-Apr 1973

A friend asks: What is shaktipat or energy transmission? And is it possible that someone can transmit divine energy?
No one can do shaktipat, no one can transmit energy; but someone can be a vehicle for such transmission. It is true that no one can do it. And if somebody claims that he can do it, he is indulging in sheer deception. No one can do it, and yet in some moment transmission of energy can happen through someone. If that someone is totally empty and surrendered, shaktipat can happen in his presence. He can work as a conductor, as a catalytic agent, but not knowingly. Through him God's infinite energy can enter into another person.
No one can be a catalytic agent knowingly, because the first condition to act as conductor is that you should not know it, that you have no ego. Ego disqualifies a person for being a medium for shaktipat. With ego one becomes a non conductor of energy; divine energy cannot flow through him. So if there is a person whose ego is completely wiped out, who is absolutely empty inside and is a total void, who is doing nothing for you, really who does not do a thing—then through his emptiness, through his void, which acts as a passage, God's energy can certainly reach you. And its speed can be very fast. Remember this when you come here for tomorrow's meditation.
With this I should also give you a couple of informations for tomorrow.
Shaktipat means that God's energy has descended on you. It: can be possible in two ways. Either it arises from you and joins God's energy or it flows from God and joins you. It is the same thing viewed from two sides; or these are two ways of seeing the same thing. For example, there is a tumbler half filled with water. Someone can say that it is half filled and another can say that it is half empty. And if they are philosophers they can argue it endlessly and come to no conclusion, because both statements are correct. Energy descends from above and it can ascend from below, too. And when the two energies meet, when your latent energy meets with the energy of infinity—the explosion happens.
This explosion is unpredictable; nor can it be said what this explosion does. And what happens after this explosion, this too cannot be said. Through out history, those who have been blessed with this explosion of energy have been shouting from rooftops: "Come one, come all, and pass through this explosion and see for yourself what it is. Something has happened here which is simply inexpressible, utterly indescribable."
Shaktipat means the descent of energy from beyond. It can descend. In fact it descends every day. And this energy chooses for its vehicle a person who is empty in every way, who is utterly egoless. He alone turns into its catalytic agent, just a vehicle and nothing else. But even if a little trace of ego is there, even if he thinks that he can do it, he ceases to be the conduit. Then energy cannot flow from him. mirac106

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