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My work is with individuals—I am not concerned with the society and the world. That is how it feels good to me, mm? I'm not saying that this has to be your life also, no. This is how I feel good, this is how I work. This is how it has happened when I came to my own being…this was the way I started functioning.
One never knows…. When you come to your being, what you do will be decided by that moment. stars22

In the old days there was always a one-to-one relationship between a teacher and a disciple. It was a personal relationship and a personal communication.
Today it is always impersonal. One has to talk to a crowd, so one has to generalize. But generalized truths become false. Something is meaningful only to a particular person.
I face this difficulty daily. If you come to me and ask me something, I answer you and no one else. Another time someone else asks me something, and I answer him and no one else. These two answers may even be contradictory, because the two persons who have asked may be contradictory. So if I am to help you, I must speak particularly to you. And if I speak particularly to each individual, I will have to say many conflicting things.
Any person who has been talking in general can be consistent, but then the truth becomes false, because every statement that is true is bound to be addressed to a particular person. Of course, the truth is eternal—it is never new, never old—but truth is the realization, the end. The means are always relevant or irrelevant to a particular person, to a particular mind, to a particular attitude. eso04

If you can ask a foundational question, from the very heart of your being, the answer will come to you even if there is no one to answer you. The vacuum will create the answer, existence itself will give you the answer. But with false questioning, nothing is possible and nothing can be done.
So try to formulate a right question. Even if you fail in your effort it is good. Try to formulate some problem that comes from you: not from the society, not from your teachers, not from your upbringing—just from you.
This is a meditation. This finding out is the meditation. So—find some question! quest12

You say: I would suggest that you should devote mornings to answering our questions and evenings to your independent discourses
No, it would not be proper. I will say what I have to say; you need not worry about it. Whatever questions you ask, I will say only that which I have to say. Questions don't make any difference. krishn12

My simple concern here is meditation. And this is very strange—rarely do you ask questions about meditation. That does not seem to be your main concern. To me, it is my ultimate concern, the only concern, and to you it seems not a priority—it is not the first item on your mind. Perhaps it may be the last thing on your laundry list, but certainly it is not the first; the first things are stupid things, trivia. You waste your time, you waste my time.
And I am ready even to help you to solve those problems just so that you can get rid of all this nonsense and have simple, loving relationships. But that will be possible only when meditation becomes your priority. Out of meditation, everything else will become graceful; you will be able to see deeply into your own acts, into your own behavior, and you will be able to have some compassion for the other person—his human frailty, the possibility of his committing mistakes. dawn12

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