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> Osho makes Predictions

During this time Osho comments on future events, which later become news

According to me, meditation and medicine are two poles of the same science where the connecting link is still missing. But slowly, slowly they are coming closer to each other. Today in most of the major hospitals of America a hypnotist has become essential. But hypnotism is not meditation. However, this is a good step. At least it shows that there is an understanding that something needs to be done about the consciousness of man, and that only treating the body is not enough.
And I think that if a hypnotist has entered the hospitals today, then tomorrow a temple will also enter. It will come later, it will take some time. After the hypnotist every hospital will have a department of the Yoga, of meditation. It should happen. Then we will be able to treat man as a whole. The body will be taken care of by the doctors, the mind by the psychologists, and the soul by yoga, meditation.
The day the hospitals accept man as a whole, as a totality, and then treat him as such, will be a day of rejoicing for mankind. I request you to think in that direction so that this day will come soon. early10

Did you know that there is a movement going on in those countries where medical science has increased the lifespan of people. This movement is for euthanasia. The old people are demanding that they should be given a right to die in the constitution. They say that life has become arduous for them and you are just keeping them hanging on in the hospitals. It has become possible: you can put a man on an oxygen cylinder and keep him hanging on endlessly. You can keep him alive, but that life will be worse than death. God knows how many people in Europe and America are lying in hospitals in upside down or other strange positions, hooked up to oxygen cylinders. They have not the right to die, and they are demanding to be given the right to die.
My understanding is that by the end of this century most of the developed countries in the world will have the right to die as one of the constitutional rights of man, because the doctor has no right to keep a person alive against his wishes.
By increasing the age of a person you cannot remove the fear of death from him. By making a person healthy you can make his life more happy but not fearless. Fearlessness comes in only one situation, which is when one comes to understand from within that there is something in him that never dies. This understanding is absolutely essential.
Meditation is the realization of this immortality, that that which is within me never dies. Only that dies which is on the outside. And that is why you should treat the body medically so that it lives happily for as long as it lives, and at the same time try to be aware of what is inside you so that even if death is at your doorstep, you are not afraid. This inner understanding is fearlessness. early10

So I myself am pleased and hope that science succeeds in making a test-tube baby as soon as possible, because then we will be helped by scientific investigations to break our identity with the body. Then we will know for sure that the body is a kind of machine, and that to believe in it as the self is foolish. It is foolishness even now, but at present we are unwilling to recognize that the body is a machine. It is a machine even so. It is produced by natural forces, so by understanding the secrets of nature we will be able to produce it, and then we will have the cooperation of natural forces to break our identification with the body. absolu09

America recently decided that each cigarette packet should have written with ink in black letters 'This is harmful to health'. The vendors of cigarettes, the owners and the manufacturers all, they made enough hue and cry that they would undergo the loss of crores. When I read it all, I said these cigarette manufacturers do not know that people are so unconscious; for how many days will they read this notice written with red ink? And the same happened. For six months the sale of cigarettes decreased; after six months it turned to the same level as before. It is written on the packet with red ink, but the reader needs to be present. Once or twice he reads it and then sleeps again. The cigarette packet comes and the notice is written there but no one reads it. Cigarette sales have become normal again. thousd04

By and by, Soviet Russia will become capitalistic. It will have to. Otherwise it will die from stagnation. To me, a capitalist society is a natural phenomenon. A socialist structure is not natural. It is something imposed, something conceived of through the mind. Capitalism developed by itself; socialism has to be brought about, it cannot come by itself.
Marx thought it would happen, but he was basically wrong. And he has proven to be wrong…. quest15

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