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> Osho Leaves Bombay for Poona

In 1974 Osho suggests Laxmi look for a property in Poona. Laxmi finds #33 Koregaon Park. On 21 March 1974 Osho celebrates his Enlightenment Day with friends in Woodlands Apartment in the morning, and again that afternoon in Poona!

When I dropped traveling. I had already enough people, so I started a new phase: meditation camps in hill stations or in faraway Kashmir for those who wanted to be with me for twenty-one days or seven days—small camps, big camps.
For a while it went well because I was not entering the cities, but politicians cannot sit silently. They were living so much in the fear of being thrown out of their power positions that they started creating trouble for the meditation camps.
Hotels were reserved but when we arrived the government had canceled the reservation. Now the hotel manager would say, "We cannot do anything, it is from higher up; the government wants to have a special conference for these seven days so we cannot give it to you." And there was no conference. The hotel remained empty just so that we could not have the camp.
When even to have a camp became impossible, that was the time I moved to Poona—just to remain there. "Now, anybody who wants to come should come here"—because they had made it almost impossible for me to move. mystic27

I found that meditation camps began creating trouble for me. In Rajasthan, in their assembly, they decided that I should not be allowed into Rajasthan. I had been going to Mount Abu which is in Rajasthan. In Gujarat, at that time, Morarji Desai was the chief minister. He himself proposed to the assembly that my coming to Gujarat should be prohibited.
I used to go to Bhavnagar, to Rajkot, to Jamnagar, to Dwarka—and there were a few very beautiful places for camps—Nargol…miles and miles of huge saru trees. The sun never reaches underneath them because on top they are so full of leaves, branches, and they grow very close. And by the side of the sea you can hear the sound of the sea waves and listen—sitting, not together, but scattered in the forest.
So it became a trouble that my camps should be stopped everywhere. Now, my camps were not doing any harm to anybody. And in my camps only people were coming who wanted to come. hyaku08

Humidity is dangerous for me. Whenever I went to Bombay, attacks of asthma would immediately increase. last112

And my allergy needed dry air and cool air, no humidity. That's why I shifted from Bombay to Poona, because Bombay was more humid, Poona was less, but still it didn't make much difference. last317

In Bombay, I became aware that the whole city is floating in urine and shit! I have always wondered why Morarji Desai had chosen Bombay to be his residence. It is because the perfume that surrounds the great city of Bombay…except Morarji Desai, nobody else could enjoy it? mess113

I don't have any possessions. Although I live like a king, I don't possess anything. Nothing is mine. If one day someone comes and says to me, "Leave this place at once," I will leave immediately. I will not even have to pack anything. Nothing is mine. That's how one day I left Bombay. Nobody could believe that I would leave so easily without looking back even once. glimps16

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