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Osho continues to read—up to 10 books a day. He has explained that he can read a whole page at a glance. He makes notations in the margin, and refers to authors in discourse. He signs his name on the flyleaf, often decorating his signature with designs in coloured inks. Friends send him books from around the world, and his library increases to 150,000.
I must have read more than any man alive on the earth, and remember, I am not boasting but simply stating a fact. I must have read at least one hundred thousand books, possibly more, but not less than that, because after that I stopped counting. books03
Recently I was reading a book called The Secret Life of Plants. It is a remarkable book from the West which has just been published. It seems that the work that was pioneered by Sir Jagdish Chandra Basu is about to reach its climax in the West, with the revelation that plants have feelings just like people…. nowher15
I was reading about a Sufi fakir, Junaid…. shiva02
Just the other day, I was reading an old Indian fable, the fable of the woodcutter. The story goes this way… yoga607
I was reading a few days before. I couldn't believe it, but it is a fact. I was reading a book about Lenin…. yoga608
Just the other day I was reading about a Hassid mystic, Zusia. He is one of the most beautiful Hassid mystics…. sunris06
I was reading the other day about a very beautiful Hassid mystic, Levi-Yizhak…. perf101
I was just reading about one Christian saint…. clouds05
I was just reading one Christian theologian's book…. wing04
I was reading about a Quaker, a very religious Quaker…. sage03
I was reading the life of a very famous bishop. He went to St. Mary's Church in Cambridge to deliver a university sermon…. foll103
I was just reading a story about a seeker who went to see Bayazid, a great Master…. foll103
I was reading about the life of Wagner, a German composer and great musician…. foll106
I was just reading a book on new religions in Japan…. yoga205
I was reading the life of a great Japanese poet, Issa. He suffered. He must have been a very, very sensitive man: he was a great poet, he's one of the greatest haiku poets…. foll110
The other day I was reading a few lines of Stephen Crane's. I would like to read them to you… foll209
Just a few days before, I read a beautiful story of DuBois'. I would like you to listen to it and try to understand it… foll209
I was reading Emerson. He says a very beautiful thing. He says sin is not just breaking the law. "Sin is not just breaking the law, but failing to discover the adventure at the very heart of living." foll211
I was reading a song this morning and a few lines of that song appealed to me: Jor he kya tha jafa-e-bagvan dekna kiye ashian ujra kiya hum natwan dekha kiye. The meaning is: The garden was being destroyed and I watched it helplessly. Yes, your whole life is the same story. greatt03
Yesterday I was reading a song written by a friend of mine, Kumar Barabankvi, who is an Urdu poet. A line of the poem is: "The destination seems to be near, as the path is deserted and lonely." greatt10
It happened: I was reading Greta Garbo's biography…. flowrs07
In reading the memoirs of a poet, I particularly liked one incident…. true104
I was just looking at a few cartoons on Charlie Brown. In one cartoon he is playing with blocks, making a house out of children's blocks. He is sitting in the middle of the blocks building the walls. Then a moment comes when he is enclosed; all around he has made a wall. Then he cries: Help, help! He has done the whole thing. Now he is enclosed, imprisoned. This is childish, but this is all that you have done also. You have made a house all around you, and now you are crying: Help, help! And the misery becomes millionfold—because there are helpers who are also in the same boat. source05
I was reading Wilhelm Reich's wife's memoirs. He was one of the most significant psychoanalysts, one of the most revolutionary—but when the question comes to one's own problems, the difficulty arises. His wife has written in her memoirs that he was teaching others not to be jealous—that love is not possession, it is freedom. But about his own wife, he was always jealous…. source05
Last night I was reading a book by Ugovetti, an Italian dramatist, and I came across a sentence I liked very much. Like the words of the Vedas, it is of great significance. Ugovetti said that if there was even one drop of water less in existence the whole universe would feel thirsty. greats03
When I was reading Waiting for Godot I thought, Godot seems to be like a German word. The very sound of the word…One of my old *sannyasins, Haridas, was with me. I asked Haridas, "What is German for God?"
He said, "The German for God is Gott!"
It seems only Germans have Gott it! God does not mean anything. It is a meaningless word and you can manage to give any image to it. hari22

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