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> Osho’s secretary, Sheela leaves,

and information about crimes

On 14 September 1985, Sheela and twenty sannyasins who have been working closely with her leave the ranch. Ma Prem Hasya now becomes Osho's personal secretary.
On 16, 17 and 18 September 1985, Osho holds press conferences in the mandir, to which world press and all sannyasins are invited. Osho states information has come to light that Sheela committed several crimes against both sannyasins and non-sannyasins.

Isabel, who liaises with the press says: Osho, I have told the press You will give a statement before they ask questions.
This is a moment of great rejoicing for my commune. I have been silent for three and a half years. The people who were in power took advantage of my silence. Because I was not in contact with the sannyasins, I was not aware what is being done to them. As I started speaking again, a strange thing happened. Sheela became very sad. She was the president of the Rajneesh Foundation International and my personal secretary. Everybody in the commune was immensely ecstatic that I am speaking again except Sheela. This was strange. But just within few days it became clear what is the reason. While I was in isolation and in silence, she has become a celebrity. Through the news media she has become famous all over the world. She was representing me. Because I started speaking again, she found that her ego is shrinking, her image from the television screen is disappearing. It was bound to be so. If I am speaking myself, then there is no need for any mediator, any messenger, any representative. She started going more and more to Australia, to India, to Europe, for any small excuse. Finally when she came back she wrote a letter to me that, "I don't find the same excitement as I used to find before. But I am happy in Europe, happy in Japan, happy in Australia." I replied to her that, "If you want to know the real reason of your happiness, I can come to Europe, to Australia, to Japan, wherever you want to check what is the real reason of your happiness. You have become addicted to be famous, and this is a far worse drug than any drug in existence." And my sannyasins are not power-oriented. They are not political people. They are absolutely apolitical.
The world has suffered too much from politics. At least let few intelligent people decide to be dropouts from all dirty politics—and there is no other kind.
And then suddenly one day, just one day before, Sheela and all her gang simply left America, without even giving any cause why they are leaving. It was strange. And the moment they left, other sannyasins started informing things which are ugly, sad, but I have to say them to you because I don't want to happen such things again in this commune or anywhere else. The moment their airplane left, immediately people started coming, saying so many things that they have done while I was in silence, that it seemed, listening to them, that instead of being a meditation commune they had turned it into a fascist concentration camp.
First they tried to kill three people, three people who were very close to me: my physician, my dentist and my caretaker. Because these were the three people who had the opportunity to meet me except Sheela. She wanted nobody to meet me, for the simple reason because they may inform me what is going on in the commune and what she is doing there. So finally they decided that these three people have to be given slow poison. Now there are witnesses who participated in their meetings, but they were afraid that if these people can kill my physician, they can kill anybody. One woman who has reported that she was in the meeting and left in the middle, disgusted, feeling sick, that what kind of people are these? And the innocent sannyasins trusted them absolutely. But she herself became so much afraid that for six months she has not eaten the food in the commune's restaurant. She was getting food from outside.
And it really happened. My caretaker once went into Jesus Grove where Sheela and her gang was living. She took a cup of tea and fell immediately sick. And the sickness was absolutely strange. She is healthy, young, there was no reason for it. Doctors could not find any reason why her heart is beating so fast. For three hours the heart was going just crazy. All their medicines were of not much help. But nobody thought about it, that she has taken a cup of tea and somebody could have poisoned her.
But it happened to Devaraj, my physician. After few days he took a cup of coffee in Jesus Grove and came from there. Because he is a doctor, has the highest qualifications from England, he immediately suspected that he has been poisoned. He was entered into the nursing home here, and there too he was injected poison again. And now many people have come, that Sheela was researching for some poison which can in slow doses kill a person in a long period of time, so nobody will suspect.
Third time, here in this meditation hall Devaraj was injected again. He immediately showed to people around him, pulled his pants and showed blood where the injection has been put. They delayed the ambulance to come here. All these informations have come within two days. The ambulance people have informed that they were told to delay as much as possible, then take him as slowly—because he refused to go to the medical center here. He was to be taken to Bend. So "Take him slowly to the airport." And the pilots were informed that there is no hurry: "Go as slow as possible."
And these were the poisons which are not detectable. He remained sick, became okay. Hasya was his wife, was looking after him. The doctors in Bend told Hasya there was no disease, it seems to be simply a case of certain poisoning which cannot be detected.
They said exactly the same has happened one year before to the attorney of Jefferson County, Sullivan. He was poisoned in the same way. Nobody knows, perhaps the same people who had poisoned Devaraj were poisoning Sullivan, because this commune's land is divided half in Wasco County, half in Jefferson County, and it has much to do with the attorney of Jefferson County.
Many more things have surfaced. We are reporting to the police, to the government, because the whole bunch has immediately disappeared and they must have been planning for months. One information has come that at the election time last year, Sheela and her group of six, seven people tried to put chemicals in all the vehicles of police and officers in Dalles, so the vehicles could not move. And they were successful. Not only that, what I cannot even conceive, they tried to poison the water system in Dalles. They did not succeed in it, but they made every attempt.
Now, these people are absolutely criminals, inhuman, brutal, fascist in their outlook. Here in the commune they were sorting out anybody who had any independent mind. And my whole teaching is to have independent mind! Don't believe anything unless you know it. Be skeptical. But because I was silent, they were doing just the other. They were saying, "Believe, and surrender. And all these instructions are coming from Osho." They were making their instructions, people were writing letters to me, they were never reaching to me. They had created a small fascist state here, so many people left just because of them who wanted to be here with me, who have come from long away, who have sold their everything just to be here with me. With tears in their eyes they had to leave, because they could not surrender to any stupid kind of thing. For example, if you tell somebody that, "Go and poison" or "Inject poison to somebody," they could not believe that this can be my instruction. And they have come here for me, not for Sheela.
I have been teaching my whole life that my people have to be absolutely nonpolitical, but in three and a half years Sheela was functioning just like a politician, third-grade politician. It was ugly to take over Antelope. We are here, just guests of Oregonians. To take those poor old people's house does not seem right. I would like the Oregonians and the people of Antelope, if they can buy the properties which Foundation owns, we will vacate Antelope. They can have their place. That is their town. It belongs to them. And we have no hostility against anybody. In fact, we are part of Oregon to them. And we have no hostility against anybody. In fact, we are part of Oregon now. It does not matter that you have been hundred years here and we have been only four years. Years don't make any difference. Now this earth is ours, this sky is ours. And we have done everything to change this desert into an oasis. And we want to change this whole place in such a lush green holiday resort that it becomes the best tourist center in America.
We need all support from Oregonians, from Americans, from everybody. Ours hands are stretched and waiting for their hands….
We can understand, human nature is always suspicious of strangers. We are strangers. If they are suspicious of us, there is nothing to be disappointed. Just we have to make them aware of our way of life, our creativity, our joy, our celebration. Just we have to welcome them as guests, just to have a feel that we are human beings. Red clothes don't make any difference. Everybody behind the clothes is naked, red or blue or black does not make any sense.
I have called you media people here especially to inform you a glad news, that this commune is free from a fascist regime. Adolf Hitler has died again. And now we would like in every possible way to be an intrinsic part of Oregon, to contribute whatsoever we can contribute, and expect your friendship, your love, your hospitality. And you will never repent that we came here. We will make this place so beautiful that Oregon will be proud of it. When we had come just four years before, there was only one house, and one hundred twenty-six square mile desert For fifty years there was nobody to purchase it. It was for sale for fifty years. Who is going to purchase a desert? But when I heard that it is a desert, I said, "It is a good challenge. Let us try to make it an oasis." And we have immensely succeeded. But that success goes to my sannyasins, not to that fascist gang. These people have been working twelve hours, fourteen hours a day. And those people were trying to kill our own sannyasins. They were going to kill whole Dalles. And just because I was absent, uninformed, they have taken in their hands whatsoever they wanted to do.
You will be surprised to know that they far transcended Nixon. They bugged houses, they bugged every place where they thought somebody may be not in favor of them. But strangest thing is my own bedroom, my own sitting room, was bugged. And to me they were saying, "We love You, Osho. We have never loved anybody so much." Of course. If you had not loved me, why you should bug my bedroom, where I am alone? Perhaps once in a while in sleep I may deliver a speech. But what else is there to be bugged? It seems these people could have even killed me. Because my silence was favorable to them, my absence would have been more favorable. And if I was dead, they could have worshiped my dead body, made a beautiful marble memorial, and be in full power to do whatsoever they want to do.
I came to know only late that they are bringing street people for a program here. They had already planned, people had gone to pick up, buses had moved. And I asked, "What is the reason?" Because I am not much interested in uneducated, illiterate, street beggars. I am not much interested. My interest is in intelligentsia. All my people are university graduates with masters' degrees or doctors' degrees. I don't want to lower the standard of the commune.
But they said, "It is only for three months, and we are having it because we have surplus money out of the festival, two and half million dollars we have more, so we can share in some humanitarian work." And this was a lie. They were even lying to me, because today I inquired and found that we are fifty-five million in debt. They wasted almost three million dollars and created unnecessary hostility, created some ugly publicity. We are not interested in publicity. We are certainly interested that whatever is the truth about us should be known by everyone, so nobody lives in deceptions, gossips. But we are not interested in publicity. We really want that we forget the whole world and the world forgets us and forgives us, so we can live here silently and peacefully and do our thing.
And then they made in Antelope a housing complex, and never told me exactly what are their intentions about it. I thought it must be for festival purposes, when more sannyasins are there. Only at the last date, next day they were going to have a press conference, and they had to inform me because I was going to be in the press conference. If I had been silent there was no need even to inform me. They informed me that they want to make that housing complex, which can accommodate five hundred people, and they have wasted almost two million dollars on it, they want to make it a AIDS home. I said, "It is good that you are feeling so compassionate about people who are having AIDS, but you should think also of all the people around Antelope whose life will be in danger. You can put the whole life of Oregon in danger, because AIDS spreads not only by sex contact,it can spread, just by kissing. It can spread even by somebody's tear. It can spread, somebody eating with a spoon is not sterilized and you use it. Saliva is a carrier." I said, "This is not right. You are not only putting whole Oregon's people in great danger, you are putting our own commune in danger. Our doctors will have to look after them. Our nurses will have to look after them. And the same doctor and the same nurses will be looking after the commune." I had to stop it. That's why the great press conference that was going to happen did not happen. Instead, this great press conference is happening. That press conference would have been a curse. This is a blessing.
I would like the media people to spread the news to the farthest corner of the world, because I have my sannyasins around the world, almost more than one million. And these seven people have gone to Europe, and they can do harm to other sannyasins, other communes. They are expert in lying. So please let the message go throughout the world that a group of criminals has reached in Switzerland. Sheela and Puja are the leaders of the group, and they should be avoided more than AIDS!
Now you can ask any question if you have. press01

When did you know that she had left?
I knew when I came back from my ride.
Every day I go at two o'clock for a ride in the forest, in the mountains. When I came back then I came to know that she has left, and I was informed that she has left forever. last302

But knowing they were criminals, why didn't you stop them?
There was no solid proof. It was just rumors. Only when they left people started opening their mouth, because they were afraid that these people can kill them. They have already killed. They have already burned houses. They have already poisoned people. So everybody was afraid to open his mouth. And if anybody disobeyed them, they simply sent the person to another commune far away in Europe. So people were simply keeping quiet.
The moment she left, immediately—almost like an explosion—people started coming with all kinds of stories.
Now there is a office here for FBI, state police, Wasco County police, city police, who are taking their statements. I have given it to the government that they should look into the whole matter. last310

Sheela has done much good, ninety-nine percent good. The whole credit of keeping all the commune together, of creating houses for five thousand people with all the modern facilities, with central airconditioning—I don't think any city is totally air-conditioned as you are—of giving you the best food possible…. She has done immense good to you, and you should be grateful for it. The credit goes to her. Only one percent she missed, and that seems to be natural to human nature, particularly for people like Sheela.
Sheela had no spiritual aspirations. Seeing that she has no potential, at least in this life…. And this was my impression on the very first day she entered my room in 1970—that she was utterly materialistic, but very practical, very pragmatic, strong-willed, could be used in the beginning days of the commune…because the people who are spiritually-oriented are stargazers….
Sheela was not a stargazer. The reason I had appointed her my secretary was basically this: she was not interested in meditation, she was interested in making roads, houses—which meditators would need. And she did her job well. Just one percent she took advantage of the opportunity, because I was not available to you.
Five thousand people she could manipulate in my name, by saying, "This is what our Beloved Master wants." Now I have come to know things from sannyasins that I had no knowledge of. But each thing that she wanted, she said was wanted in my name. For example, if you were told to make a ditch for electric wires, you made it. You have nothing to do with the crime, although the ditch was made to bug the houses. But how can you know the difference, if you are not an electrician or an electronics engineer—that the wires are not for electricity but for bugging? You saw the wires, you have made the ditch; still you are innocent.
Only the group of twenty people who have fled with her knew perfectly well what was happening. They had made the whole system of bugging. This is just the fear of any person who becomes ambitious for power. He is always afraid.
Out of fear she drove away all the people who could have been rebellious, who could have doubted—because they have lived with me longer than Sheela, they knew my ideology. They could not believe that I was creating a religion, that she was the high priestess of the religion. She threw them out, harassed them in such a way that they had to leave.
Only the group of twenty people that she had chosen—they were all new, they had not known me before. They were not aware of my ideology, my approach, my respect for everybody. They were simply gullible. And because Sheela made them heads of corporations, naturally they were happy. They were not expecting—new people getting all the power…. And she made them commit crimes—all of them. This is a simple strategy. If all those people have committed crimes, then nobody is going to open his mouth, because he will be caught too.
She tried to kill three of the people who were intimate to me, for the simple reason that she was afraid these three people had the opportunity to approach me without her permission: my physician, my dentist, and my caretaker. They were living with me in the same house, but they were not aware of anything until she started poisoning them. bond18

As far as the future is concerned of anybody, one thing has to be understood, that it is not determined. Somebody may be absolutely loving this moment and next moment he may murder someone.
You cannot decide what is going to happen in the next moment. And this is one of the man's privilege, that his future is not determined—that means his future is free and he has a freedom to move. The sinner can become a saint, the saint can become a sinner….
So I had no idea that Sheela—who has never done anything like that—will turn into a criminal. But she alone is not responsible for it. The politicians forced her; the Oregonians, their hostility forced her. She must have some instinct in her unconscious that became conscious, took advantage of the situation. But she was not alone. The hostility outside, the constant threat of those people—that they will kill her, they will kill me, they will come and bulldoze the whole commune—by and by she started functioning actually like those people. It is almost human and understandable. last317

If you are an enlightened man, how could it be that for so long Sheela and her gang were able to carry on their business here?
Enlightenment has nothing to do with it. There is no contradiction. To be enlightened simply means I know myself. That does not mean that I know everybody. That does not mean that I know the future, tomorrow. It simply means that I know my consciousness is fully awakened, twenty-four hours. I know my inner light; I know my eternity, my deathlessness. It has nothing to do…. In fact, if I was not enlightened, perhaps Sheela may not have been able to do what she was able to do, because then I would have been just as cunning, as political, as suspicious as everybody else.
My enlightenment makes me loving without any condition, trusting without any condition. It brings my childhood back to me, my innocence. And I still trust and love those people who have deceived. That is their problem, that they deceived; it does not change my attitude. If they can change my attitude they become my masters.
Nobody, by doing anything, can change my attitude. If I love you, even if you assassinate me, I will still continue to love you. Your assassination makes no difference. You can assassinate me but you cannot assassinate my love. last230

In fact Sheela had managed that my house is almost outside the city. And she has managed that the commune and my house are almost separate entities. My doctor…she gave good excuses, good explanations: that my doctor has not to go to the hospital because he checks me, looks after me, he can bring any infection from the hospital, so he need not go there. He should remain in the house, do some editing work. My dentist should not go out, he should do some edition, editor's work. And my caretaker certainly has no time to go out; from 6:00 early in the morning late 11:00 when I go to sleep, she is continuously running for everything for me.
So they had managed that these people don't come in contact with commune, and the people who were committing crimes, they have specifically told them—now they are coming out—that never say anything to Osho's place, whoever lives there, don't say anything to those people. They have completely isolated my house in the excuse that I need silence, isolation, so nobody should go there. And nobody should come out from there. She did it perfectly well. She had good excuses.
So as these people slowly became aware from friends or somebody phoned, their phones were bugged, taped. Their rooms were bugged. These are now available. last228

Slowly I came to know that this small gang is demolishing all the small centers and making big communes in Europe. They demolished hundreds of small centers and forced people to move to six big communes so that they can be controlled centrally.
They completely destroyed the English commune, which was a flourishing commune. Four hundred sannyasins were in the commune and almost two thousand sannyasins used to come for festivals. It was a beautiful place. And they were looking for a bigger place because they could not manage more than four hundred people.
But these people simply shifted all the people from the English commune to European communes and sold the property, closed the small centers and told the sannyasins that they have to go to European communes. They collected all the children from everywhere and they were trying to put them in Holland in a separate commune for children so they can be controlled.
The whole idea was to centralize everything, particularly finances. And they made their center in Germany, in Cologne, so from there they would control the whole of Europe.
These people were doing exactly the same as all the religions have done. They have destroyed the individuals, they have destroyed their freedom, they have destroyed their joy of doing something on their own. last403

I had to come out of silence because I started becoming aware from my people…because three people were able to approach me—my physician, my dentist and my caretaker—and Sheela and her gang tried to poison all the three people and to kill them….
So from these three people I became of aware what is going on: "Your commune has become almost a concentration camp. Everybody who is intelligent is being thrown out, in some way or other pressurized, forced, humiliated. The vice-chancellor of our university left, the chancellor of our university left, a few very good therapists left, a few people who have been with me for almost a decade, utterly in love, had to leave, and with tears in their eyes, because Sheela did not want anybody who could rebel against her.
The moment I became aware of the situation, I declared that from tomorrow I am going to speak. last228

How are You going to see that such a fascist regime can never happen again in your commune?
At least in my lifetime it won't happen, because I am not going into silence again—just so that nothing like this happens—and I am making every possible arrangement that even if I am not here, it will not happen. For example, I am decentralizing the power. Sheela had all the power in her hands.
Now I am distributing it into ten corporations so ten people will be equally powerful and they will all will be chosen from their corporations.
Secondly, I am making it that the people should not remain long time in power. At the most, one year, six month to one year should be the longest term, then they should rotate. So nobody takes it for granted that it is his power.
So decentralization and rotation of the people, so many more people have the chances to show their ability, their potentiality, capacity, and nobody becomes addicted that it is something that is his, nobody else can have it. last317

I have chosen Prem Hasya as the President, because of her very creative mind. She, with her husband, has created one of the best movies, Godfather, and she came close to me because she wanted to make a movie on me, on the sannyasins and my whole way of life. So she was working on it, that's why she had come. And I saw in her intelligence, creativity, a very loving heart, and no desire for power.
I have given again places to women…. The commune president is now Anuradha who has been with me almost for ten years, doing any kind of work, comes from one of the richest families in England—so there is no question of that money can become important to her—and is ready to do anything. She was very friendly to Sheela, but Sheela could not take her into her group for the simple reason because her love towards me and to the commune is so much that she will not do any such thing that goes against my ideology, so she was left out.
Just one woman cannot destroy my respect for womanhood. I will go on giving chances again and again, for the simple reason: for thousands of years women have not been given chance.
So it is possible that when they get the chance—it is just like a hungry man who has been hungry for many days is bound to eat too much and is bound to become sick by eating. That's what happened to Sheela: she had never seen so big money, she had never seen so much power, in my name she had ten thousand people who could have died or done anything…. She was just a waitress in a hotel…and the mind has not changed! last317

On 18 September during a press conference, Osho reveals Sheela fled because of grand jury indictments

In fact, just now I have been informed, before I reached you, that the day she left with her group she had received some information from a friend who is in contact with the U.S. Supreme Court chief justice in Oregon and she had received the message that grand jury is to convene soon. That is the reason that she suddenly packed and escaped because these are the twenty people who have escaped, who have done every kind of crime. She knew it, that these will be indicted.
But I will say to her, this is no way to face reality. Come back and face the grand jury and if you have committed any crime, then accept it. There is no need to hide. This will give you respect of the whole community. press03

Is this being investigated now by the authorities?`
Yes; FBI and State Police and other agencies—county police. They are all having a office here and people are going and revealing everything that they know.
You're cooperating with that?
Absolutely. I am absolutely against crime, and I am all for law. last302

Do you plan to talk to the FBI yourself and give a deposition about Sheela?
If they ask me. My power of attorney is with my secretary….
We will see. If they want to interview me, I am perfectly happy. To me, it makes no difference whether it is a journalist or an FBI officer. last228

You refer to jail as a university for criminals. But by calling in the law enforcement agencies and giving them evidence against Sheela and her gang, if they are convicted, they will be put in jail.
We will fight for them if they come back. We will not support their criminality, we will not support that whatever they have done is wrong. But we will fight that whatever they have done simply signifies that they are psychologically sick people and they should be given to a psychiatric hospital. Or you can give them back to us; we can treat them in our own university. Or if you think it will be better to send them to another psychiatric place, then send them there.
But putting them in jail is simply barbarous. We will fight that up to the Supreme Court for all those people.
In other words, you're turning them in, turning evidence in against them, and yet….
I am, yes. This is the situation. I am giving every evidence against them and yet I will try to save their humanity, their dignity, their future, if they come back. If they don't come back, then it is beyond our hands.
They need not have escaped. They should have simply told me that, "This is what we have done," and we would have made them confess to the court clearly, and we would have fought for them. Not that they are not guilty; they are accepting that they are guilty, we are accepting they are guilty. But our fight is that the guilty should not be punished, he should be treated. It would have been an unprecedented case, and may have opened a new door for all criminals in the future. last230

I have heard that many people are very much disturbed with a few coordinators who have been in with Sheela and her gang. Certainly you feel resentful, but that is not right. These people have not left. They revolted against Sheela and the criminal group—you should think of it—and you resent them.
Sheela and the people with her will hate them, and you resent them. They don't have any shelter anywhere. They understand that they belonged to a wrong group, but they were as innocent as you are. They also thought, "This is what the master wants us to do."
And the proof is that they revolted. Even the secretary of Sheela revolted against her, which was really courageous. She proved to be a real jewel. Sheela was very much afraid of her because she knew everything; she was Sheela's secretary, so every paper had passed through her. She knows all that they have done. Sheela wanted to take her with her. She even tried to poison the poor girl. If she cannot take her, then it is better to kill her. It seems killing people became to them just a very simple thing.
But Geeta has remained, and she will be of immense help. She is, because most of the stories that have come to exposure are because of Geeta, because she knows the right person who will tell the story. If you feel resentful towards Geeta that will not be in any way nice. That will not show your love, your heart. That will simply show a very stupid reaction.
Hasya was asking me, "Should we remove all these people?—Geeta, Padma, Ava, and others?"
I said, "No. They have revolted against Sheela. They should be rewarded, not punished. And they will be of immense help to you, because this thing is going to become a bigger Watergate than Nixon could manage."
Don't feel resentful. I can understand your mind. Seeing the same faces in the same places, you feel angry. But you should be a little more understanding. I want them to be in the same places, because in the same places they can be of help to you. bond06

Ava has turned back from Seattle. She had also gone with the group, because she was also afraid.
She was engaged in all criminal activities: arson, burning the planning office in the Wasco County, poisoning. All the Homes-Share program people, street people, keeping them under poison, drugged, so that on the election day they can do whatsoever Sheela wants them to do just like zombies.
They did not purchase the drugs in America because they needed gallons of drugs. To purchase them they would have to satisfy the pharmacist, they will have to satisfy the government for what reason so much drugs are being purchased. But for three thousand people, to keep them for twenty-one days completely drugged, certainly she needed. So they were imported from out of America.
And one man was over-drugged and died. And they simply threw him out of Rancho Rajneesh. His body was found, but the police could not manage to figure out…he was a street person. Nobody knew from where he had come. Nobody knew how he has died.
All these things Ava knew: all the persons who have been injected poison—my physician, my caretaker. So she had gone out of fear, that she will be left alone. But she must have a better quality of humanity. From Seattle she came back. She said, "I am going to confess everything, and I am going to remain in the commune. The people love me. I love them. And whatever we have done, we have to face it."
Today she had given her testimony to the FBI. Her testimony is enough, because she is one of the chief in the Sheela's gang. And whatever she says is supported by hundreds of sannyasins.
Now it is up to the government to catch hold of these people. last312

She was the woman to take two sannyasins to the planning office. They burned the office and she was the sannyasin who drove them back. So nobody can be a better eyewitness than her. And she was present in all these meetings in which Shanti Bhadra was told to inject my physician in the meeting, and she was the one, when Shanti Bhadra did it—she was with Sheela in her room—and Shanti Bhadra came running, greatly joyous and saying "I did it, I did it!"
She could not understand what she has done. Only later on she could find that the plan that was arranged last night, to inject Devaraj, Shanti Bhadra has fulfilled it. last317

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