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Press Conferences
Talks given from 20/08/85 to 1/1/86, English Discourse series, 11 Chapters, Year published : Unpublished
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The Psychology of the Esoteric
Talks given from 1972, English Discourse series, 12 Chapters, Year published : 1978
The Psychology of the Esoteric Content : Osho begins from where Western psychology leaves off. Through this stunning series of discourses he takes the reader beyond Freud and Jung, beyond the Human Potential Movement, to the psychology of enlightenment, of buddhahood. In these talks Osho reveals his vision of a New Man a man who embraces all aspects of his being and the creation of a climate in which that new man can realize his ultimate potential. Osho covers a multitude of subjects in response to questions from seekers: the nature of meditation; sex, love and prayer as the three essential steps to the divine; destiny; why Western youth is attracted to Eastern religion and philosophy; the significance of kundalini yoga; dream psychology and the seven energy bodies.
The Razor's Edge
Talks given from 25/02/87 pm to 12/03/87 am, English Discourse series, 30 Chapters, Year published : 1988
The Razorapss Edge Content : This book tells a true story. A story of great love and immense trust between disciples and their master as they move together along a golden path which is both dangerous and ecstatic. This path is the razor's edge. "Osho's position as an important mystic and philosopher is supported by an international following and a host of publications. His work is that of all great religious leaders, bringing God to man.... His lively appeal is jokes, limericks, verse and tales, combined with traditional religious themes." Library Journal, USA.
The Rebel
Talks given from 01/06/87 am to 25/02/87 am, English Discourse series, 35 Chapters
The Rebel Content : A handbook for the man of the future, The Rebel is a comprehensive guide to Osho as a planetary visionary. In his responses to seekers'questions he dissects virtually every institution and traditional belief of society, and proposes a truly radical approach to overthrowing the past in order to make way for the future. A fiery exploration of the essential characteristics found in the authentic seeker—the rebel. "Osho is a thoroughly modern man as much at home with Marx and Engels and humanistic psychology as with the mystical traditions of the East. Indeed, he uses Marx and Maslov, Plato and Heidegger, Freud and Beckett and Lenny Bruce, Playboy jokes as well as Zen and Sufi teaching stories, to make telling critiques of political and religious, psychological and sexual orthodoxies." Washington Post. USA (James Gordon).
The Rebellious Spirit
Talks given from 10/02/87 pm to 25/02/87 am, English Discourse series, 30 Chapters, Year published : 1987
The Rebellious Spirit Content : Central to Osho's vision of the new man is what he calls "the rebellious spirit." These discourses offer a glimpse into what he means by this way of life, and how he is working with his disciples to bring it about. This book is the very expression of the rebellious spirit vibrant, urgent and courageous. "His incredible taped discourse lectures and books have inspired me (and millions of others) on the path of self-evolution... He is like a great bell tolling, Awaken, Awaken, Awaken!" James Coburn, actor
Returning to the Source
Talks on Zen, Talks given from 11/12/74 am to 20/12/74 am, English Discourse series, 10 Chapters, Year published : 1976
Returning to the Source Content : Zen is an experience, not a dogma, and an experience which transcends the confines of the rational mind, moving into the super-rational arena of our consciousness. Through words, Osho creates a sense of existential silence from which all words manifest. At the same time, he shines the light of understanding on many inner barriers to growth and self-realization. "Without question the most inspired, the most literate and the most profoundly informed speaker I have ever heard anywhere. Everything he says in his philosophy of life has the unmistakable ring of truth: a new experience."
The Revolution
Discourses on Kabir, Talks given from 11/02/78 am to 20/02/78 am, English Discourse series, 10 Chapters, Year published : 1979
The Revolution Content : "Up to man there has been evolution," Osho says. "From fish to man there has been evolution. But from man to a Buddha, from man to a Christ, from man to a Kabir, it is not evolution, it is revolution—the revolution I call it, the only revolution." Osho rekindles these ten fiery songs of Kabir, verses which shocked 15th-century seekers. In Osho's hands, Kabir's vision is equally if not more mind-shattering.
Rinzai : Master of the Irrational
Talks on Zen, Talks given from 23/10/88 pm to 31/10/88 pm, English Discourse series, 8 Chapters
Rinzai : Master of the Irrational Content : Rinzai, who brought Zen from China to Japan, is truly a master of the irrational, a Zen master who sticks his tongue out at one disciple and who created the shout as a device to shock the mind. Osho continually reminds us that it is only a question of time, that everyone is going to become a buddha. He encourages the reader not to believe, but to experience, to have the trust that "if so many people can become enlightened, there is no reason why I cannot." In this small volume he also comments on the timeless paintings in words of the famous haiku writer, Ikkyu. A gem for everyone from the curious to the seasoned seeker...
Sat Chit Anand
Truth Consciousnes Bliss, Talks given from 22/11/87 am to 06/12/87 pm, English Discourse series, 30 Chapters
Sat Chit Anand Content : This mantra is the expression of the ultimate for mystics like Buddha, Socrates and Lao Tzu, for those who are contemplative rather than poetic by nature. Explaining that meditation is the master key, Osho emphasizes the treasures of the inner world, and the urgent need for the quantum leap from mind to being. "The teachings of Osho, in fact, encompass many religions, but he is not defined by any of them. He is an illuminating speaker on Zen, Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, Christianity and ancient Greek philosophy...and also a prolific author."
Satyam Shivam Sundram
Truth Godliness Beauty, Talks given from 07/11/87 am to 21/11/87 pm, English Discourse series, 9 Chapters, Year published : 1977
Satyam Shivam Sundram Content : A must for those new to meditation and to Osho's vision, this series of discourses addresses a variety of subjects, in response to questions such as: Why is it so difficult to be in a state of let-go? Are men responsible for women feeling fed up? How can I love better? What is it to give and what is it to receive? Why do enlightened masters criticize each other? Are there real differences in races? Why am I scared to accept myself as I am? And many more. "He had provided us a rare insight into our lives and times. He has ridiculed us, pushed us...hurt us, and thereby, made richer human beings out of us. He made us think for ourselves; forced us to reject him, and by that act of rejection, brought us closer to him —and in a strange kind of way, closer to ourselves."

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