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The fish in the Sea is Not Thirsty
Talks on Kabir, Talks given from 11/04/79 am to 25/04/79 am, English Discourse series, 15 Chapters, Year published : 1980
The Fish in the Sea is Not Thirsty Introduction :  Commenting on the haunting songs of Kabir, Osho takes the reader to the very core of the human dilemma, to the simple cause of misery and unhappiness—man's illusion that he is separate from existence, his inability to comprehend why the fish in the sea is not thirsty. He also talks on emotions and being detached from them, aloneness and love, imitation, children and religion, rebellion, living in a balanced way, sex, the generation gap, and more. "The clarity with which Osho expresses his thoughts, in an easy and direct style, is remarkable. Reading him is a liberating experience which everyone can reach."

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