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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Osho: An Atom Bomb!

Osho was the Atom Bomb of thinking who caused an explosion of original thought, said humourist-poet Surendera Sharma at the opening Osho World at Ansal Plaza, New Delhi, where he was honoured with a Master's Key.

Union Law Minister Mr Ram Jethmalani was presented with a giant Master's Key with which he officially opened Osho World Galleria. Among other guests presented with a similar Master's Keys were Director General of Human Rights Commission, D. R. Karthikeyan, famous dancer Pratibha Prahlad, Ms Arti Mehra MLA.

"An Atom Bomb blows up millions of human beings into tiny bits but Osho Atom Bomb unites the split personalities of millions of human beings," declared Shri Surendera Sharma.

"Osho is the world's greatest sweeper," was another eyebrow raising statement from him. "Osho cleaned up the dirt of your mind," he added helpfully, "Physical dirt can be swept away but Osho is the only one who can sweep all the mental dirt away. In a world drowned with the stupidity of the so-called wise, Osho is the only one who makes real sense," he declared.

In his vote of thanks, Swami Vinod Bharati, the film hero turned politician recalled how he became a disciple in 1975. "Before that time I was living through a lot of anxiety while Rajneesh was a very controversial guru. But I picked up enough courage and met him, read his books, and for some reason I knew that this is the master for me and I must go to him. As it is said, "You never find a master, the master finds you." And Rajneesh found me."

"As a disciple and going to Pune regularly I realized gradually that I cannot do both things together work in films and also remain a disciple. I wanted to spend a lot of time with him and so I quit films and went to Pune. He assigned me to work in his garden."

"One of the most important things Osho gave me is, 'Live life as if you are an actor; and act as if you are living in the real world.' This means look at the world as if you are witness and this only comes when you meditate."

The other mantra he gave me is, "Meditate and live in the marketplace." This means living like a pure lotus flower without letting the dirty water affect you, living in it and yet rising above it."

I have been following these two things ever since and these have given me utmost joy and taken away all my problems,? declared the Osho sannyasin. "Of course, meditation helps in all this because if you are transcending your mind, your heart. So this opening of Osho World a whole new world for meditation - is a great beginning for Delhi and I urge you with all my heart to explore yourself with Osho World it does take away all the rubbish of your mind," he said. "Just give Osho all your problems and anxieties and he will accept them and clear them away for you," said the devoted Osho disciple.


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