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Osho World Wins Dotcom Battle

Truth has to win. Only truth will win. Satyamev Jayate, was the first heartfelt reaction of Swami Chaitanya Keerti when he was informed that the domain name oshoworld.com can be retained by Osho Dhyan Mandir in New Delhi.

M Kelly Tillery Esquire, arbitrator of the National Arbitration Forum in Minneapolis, USA, disallowed the transfer of oshoworld.com to the New York based Osho International Foundation from Osho Dhyan Mandir, New Delhi. Osho International Foundation complained to the Forum against Osho Dhyam Mandir to operate the website oshoworld.com. Swami Keerti added, "My very being knew that we have to win because it is the resonance of the truth. It means that Osho resides in all of us and he cannot be imprisoned by a handful of people claiming to be the owners of his legacy. It is preposterous for them to say We own Osho;. Osho owns all of us. Nobody owns Osho.

"This judgment means that Osho Centre leaders around the world can now carry on without any worry or fear from self-appointed dictators who claim to own everything related to Osho. Osho is free and eternally fresh breeze and we should make sure that this breeze is not poisoned by any toxic elements. Osho's vision cannot be fettered, traded or imprisoned by a few for unaccounted purposes.

The decision means we should build up more pressure on these people who have usurped Osho's legacy away from Pune and force them to return it to itssource - which is free domain, the hallmark of Osho's spiritual movement. All Osho centers around the world should now demand full accountability and transparency in managing the affairs of the Pune Commune instead of a few running it like a personal fiefdom and taking arbitratory decisions. It is a matter of joy and jubilation for all Osho lovers, Sannyasins and meditation centers around the world that their freedom to spread Osho's message has been unbridled. The self-appointed dictators have been stopped in their unethical aims to usurp Osho's vision. They were bound to lose it because it was against the fundamental freedom and against Osho's spirit and message.Osho's message is love, meditation and freedom, and not control by a handful of people over his lovers and Neo-Sannyas Movement. (I have been associated with the movement since 1971). Osho belongs to all. www.oshoworld.com is meant for all Osho lovers, Sannyasins and admirers and everybody who is seeking to drink from this fountain, around the world" said Swami Keerti.

The arbitrator has declared that Osho Dhyan Mandir's use of this name seems to be primarily, if not solely, an authentic, legitimate exercise of freedom of expression and/or religion protected by US Constitution and UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our freedom to spread Osho's vision has been protected by this decision and now we are free to start this website and reach out to millions of seekers of truth, freedom and bliss. We invite the whole world to share our joy.


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