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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Shubha Mudgal lights 'Luminous Ones' at Osho World From Darkness to Light at Osho World

Noted Indian vocalist and cultural luminary Shubha Mudgal ceremoniously illuminated the first of the 'Luminous Ones' on Thursday, 19 October at Osho World Galleria to inaugurate a candle exhibition of this name. A real life scenario 'from darkness to light' happened as the Galleria was dim-lit and Osho's recorded words were played loud and clear to set the stage for the exhibition.

Buddha's last words - APPO DEEPO BHAVA "Be a light unto yourself" - is the theme of this exhibition. Osho explains: "Buddha's last utterance in this world was, 'APPO DEEPO BHAVA', 'Be a light unto yourself'. Don't follow anybody. Anand was crying, weeping because Buddha was leaving the body and he said to Buddha, 'You are leaving and I have not yet become enlightened. What about me? What will happen to me? The world will be absolutely dark for me, you were the light. And now you are going. Have compassion on us' Buddha opened his eyes and said, 'APPO DEEPO BHAVA. Be a light unto yourself, Anand, nobody can be a light for you'."

Accompanied by well known Hindi poetess Dr Sarojini Pritam, Shubha Mudgal then lit a floating candle to mark the festival of lights with a view to become enlightened. She said, "I am delighted to be part of Osho's world of wisdom, joy and radiance once again." Dr. Pritam remarked, "Osho has always influenced me and also my humourous writings."

Touring the exhibition, they admired the creativity in candles presented in many styles, shapes and sizes; there will be tranquility candles, aromatic candles, pyramid candles, sculptured candles, Gothic and Roman candles, jelly bean candles, shell candles, tea candles, floating candles, decorative, colourful and romantic candles. Helping in meditation, some of these candles spread fragrance in addition to light; others glow with tranquility while the giant pyramid candles ranging from one to three feet cast a radiant halo of eternity. Some ofthese have been created by Bollywood star Dimple Kapadia while others have been exclusively crafted for Osho World. Ranging in price from Rs 15 to Rs 6,000 each.

This exhibition for the first Diwali of the new millennium dispels the darkness of the old and lights up the new millennium. After all, on this totally dark night Mahavira became enlightened to illuminate the path for all seekers to come. It provides a glimpse of the unknowable. Comments Osho, "Enlightenment is nothing but a festival of lights." On 21st October Shri Rajan Mishra of the Rajan Sajan Mishra Bandhus came to light the lamps and sang in devotion to the Guru.


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