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Waves of Laughter with Deep Thought

Waves of unrestricted laughter alternating with deep, thought provoking poetry could only happen at an Osho event - in this case, oshoworld.com celebration on Friday in New Delhi. The event - Freedom of Religiousness - was a twin observance of oshoworld.com to retain this name following a judgement in USA and to remember with joy a noted Osho lover - the famous Bollywood music director Kalyanji Bhai who passed away on Thursday.

The welcome proceedings at a packed FICCI auditorium were conducted by Dr. Lavlin, a TV producer and an Osho disciple who introduced the poets for presentation of a specially created sculpture. This elegant piece by noted sculptor K. S. Radhakrishnan is the form of Osho signature spiraling upwards with a bird leading a smaller bird symbolizing the disciple following the master to the unknown.

Thereafter the famous poet Surendra Sharma compared the symposium in which ovct ten leading Hindi poets took part.

In introducing every poet, Surendera Sharma regaled the audience with gales of laughter and the poets took cue from it to carry it forward with a light touch before reciting their verses dripping with barbed social comment and stimulating insights.

The poets developed a cordial repartee with the receptive audience and later commented that they hardly have an occasion to address such a responsive and appreciative listeners.

After all the boisterous hilarity, Surendra Sharma still had the last word when he recited his poem on the topic of the evening with incisive insights on current social values and religious intolerance. It all ended too soon with the audience demanding more.


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