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The Path of Love : Kabir Week

The Path of Love was the theme of Osho World's Kabir Week celebrations from Saturday, 10th June 2000 - Friday 16th June 2000. The celebrations were inaugurated by noted dancer Shovana Narayan and TV anchor Rahul Dev with singing of Kabir Bhajans by Osho disciples followed by a taped discourse by Osho on what is real love. In English, love; is a four-letter word but Osho says that Kabir indicates a deeper meaning by only two and a half words for love. Comments Osho, "Only when a person falls in love with someone do the two and one-half letters of PREM become complete. One letter is for the lover, the second letter is for the beloved and the half is for that something unknown that exists between the two. Why does Kabir call it half; asks Osho, He could easily have called it three. There is a beautiful reason for calling it half, for indicating that it is incomplete. Kabir says no matter how hard you try, love never becomes complete, never becomes completely full. You are never totally contented with love. You never feel it is enough; you never feel fully satisfied. No matter how much love you feel or make or show, love always remains incomplete. It is like God. God keeps on expanding and expanding, becoming fuller and fuller, and yet his expanding keeps continuing, keeps going on and on and on.

During Kabir Week celebrations, Osho World Galleria was festooned with earthen shades of beige, exhibit intricate weaving motifs, spindles and shuttles among other artifacts to re-create the Kabir milieu.

Osho spokesman Swami Chaitanya Keerti, said, The fact that Kabir religion remains a mystery to this day and he has ardent followers from different religions provides the enduring answers to religious conflicts confronting India and the world today. By celebrating Kabir Week, Osho World pays homage to this everlasting legacy 600 years after Kabir trod this earth.


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