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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Sonal Mansingh Inaugurates Krishna Week at Osho World

Krishna's Ras-Leela or playfulness came to the fore when Sonal Mansingh celebrated Janamasthmi at Osho World Galleria in New Delhi on Wednesday.

The proceedings started with a pleasant surprise for Sonal wearing a golden crown consisting of Osho's signature topped with a peacock feather. Reminiscent of playful Krishna, Sonal struck many an expressive Bharat Natyam pose much to the delight of the gathering of Osholovers and the clicking photographers. sho's discourses on Krishna in the book Krishna Smriti was also launched as the book of Osho World's Krishna Week. Portraying Krishna, she talked about Radha and enumerated Krishna's different dimensions as percieved by different persons with whom he interacted

Then it was time for listening and indeed singing joyous devotional music in praise of the ultimate Gopal.

Sonal quoted Osho," "If you dance the whole existence becomes a dance. It is already a dance. Hindus say it is a RAS-LEELA, God is dancing, and around God the stars and the moon and the sun and the earths and the whole existence. The whole existence is dancing around God. God is Krishna and the whole existence is his GOPIS, his girlfriends. This is the RAS that is continuously going on, but you will know it only when you learn the ways of dance, the language of ecstasy."

Sonal said she loved Osho's quote on Lord Krishan where he brings out the celebration in life and shows that singing and dancing take one closer to God.


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