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Antaryatra. Going In

From the first day of October till the fifteenth, an art exhibition of Bindu Popli is on at Osho World Galleria at Ansal Plaza at New Delhi. Bindu Popli has been inspired by Osho's meditation and thought in the last few years. This brought about an evolutionary progression in her and brims over in her art - her painting. Glimpses of these mystical experiences in the form of colours, shapes, and circles are the highlight of her present work. She uses material colours to subtly portray the ethereal, the formless form, and the subliminal, and does so in a manner that the line between conscious art and unconscious expression of the soul artistically dissolve.

Body has never been the focal point for Osho. He always points towards the inner journey - of knowing, of exploring, of becoming a light unto oneself after passing through the meandering caverns of inner darkness. And ultimately taking a dip in the blissful ocean of eternal truth.

Antaryatra is an effort to convey and express the vision of our enlightened master on an expansive palette through the sensitive brush strokes of a painter who has delved deep in the mysteries of Samadhi.

A highly acclaimed artist and a gentle human being, Bindu Popli was born in Delhi in 1969. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Arts from the College of Arts. She is a recipient of a number of awards and felicitations that include, Sailoz Award in1991, M. F. Hussain Gold Medal, organized by Heart care Foundation in the same year, National scholarship in painting and Certificate of Merit for Painting in all India Exhibition. She has taken part in a number of solo and joint painting exhibitions.

Osho says, "Be more meditative, become more conscious of your being. Let your inner world become more silent, and love will be flowing through you. People have all these problems. The problems are different -- violence, jealousy -- but the medicine for all these illnesses is only one, and it is meditation. "And I would like you to be reminded that the word medicine and the word meditation come from the same root. Medicine means something that can cure your body, and meditation means something that can cure your soul. Meditation is meditation only because it is a medicine for your innermost illnesses."

Osho World invites every concerned and conscious person to join in meditation at this time of great need to create a positive and powerful wave of Meditative Energy around the world to restore the balance.


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