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RELIGION: OSHO - GURU NANAK Guru Nanak Week inaugurated to mark Gurpurab

Former Chief Election Commissioner M. S.Gill has said that disrespect to other religions and considering one's own religion as the sole repository of truth was the root cause of violence all over the world.

Chief Election Commisisoner Dr. M. S. Gill at the inauguration of Guru Nanak Week at Osho World

Inaugurating the Guru Nanak Week at Oshoworld here yesterday, Mr Gill said all religions point to the same universal truth preached by Guru Nanak: Ek Omkar Satnam. He found it interesting that Muslims, Christians and Jews have been fighting each other inspite of having a common origin of their religions.

In a nostalgic mood, he recalled that he puzzled his Jewish hosts when he bowed at the Church and the Mosque duringh is visit to Israel. He noted that Osho had expanded on the basic truism of Guru Nanak's message with his unique insights on almost all religions and enlightened masters to create a vast treasure of spiritual growth.

An MP3 CD on Osho's discourses on 'Baba Farid - Akath Kahani Prem Ki' (one of the saints whose divine compositions are incorporated into Guru Granth Sahib) was also released on the occasion.Osho had in one of his discourses described Guru Nanak as 'one of those beautiful people for whom I have immense love.'

Shabad-Kirtan and meditation at the opening of Guru Nanak Week.

A poet from London, Chaman Lal 'Chaman', recited his poem on the greatness of Guru Nanak, and Bhai Gurvinder Singh and party, hazuri singers of Gurudwara Bangla Saheb, provided a meditative musical tribute. Sunil Arora and party rendered shabads of the Guru. Daily kirtan, shabad, meditation and Osho's discourses on Japuji Sahib will be held every evening until December two.


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