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On 70th Birthday of Osho, Welcome to 'Prem Ki Madhushala'

Meditative music overwhelmed an overflowing FICCI auditorium when popular singer Shubha Mudgal led a rapt audience into 'Prem Ki Madhushala' on Saturday evening to mark Osho's 70th Birthday Celebrations.

Osho's insight on music and meditation played in the auditorium set the stage for a memorable foray in to the real intoxication of the divine spirit. Despite a bad cold, Shubha poured out her emotions in bhajans of Meera, Kabir, Raidas and Paltudas composed in different ragas such as Des, Khamaj, Madhukauns and Kalyan.

Starting off with her personal favourite Kabir song - Avadhoo Mera Man Matawara - she established an instant rapport with the audience as her powerful yet velvety voice resonated deep into the hearts of her enthralled listeners.

After learning from four or five different music gurus, she has imbibed their nuances and evolved her unique music of the soul with an earthiness of the saints who composed these bhajans from realms beyond the mind.

This concert marks a new chapter in her career as a devotional musician as she sang Kabir for the first time. She recalled later, "I had no opportunity to sing Kabir so far until this love filled environment which charged me with a new energy which seemed dormant until now. Thus I feel that this is a landmark concert for me."

With its rapport, the audience composed almost equally of the young and the seasoned music lovers seemed to draw her into deeper depths of her expression. Popular demand persuaded her to sing a couple of more bhajans which have not been included in her music album of the same name - Prem ki Madhushala released by the former Union Finance Minister and leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha, Dr. Man Mohan Singh.

At the end, an intoxicated crowd surrounded her for more than half an hour clamouring to congratulate her, obtain her autograph or have a personal word with her. A truly spiritual experience!


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