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Don't Curse Darkness But Spread the Light - Osho

Whenever confronted with an administrative problem of fighting corruption because it is another form of darkness, Delhi's Mayor Shanti Desai said he always remembers an insight of Osho - Darkness has no existence but merely the absence of light; don't curse darkness but try to spread the light. The Mayor urged everyone to remember this insight of Osho especially during this Diwali celebrations to create a better tomorrow.

Delhi's Mayor Shanti Desai recalled at Osho World Galleria when he inaugurated 'Apo Deepo Bhav' - Be a light unto yourself - an exhibition of candles at which the Delhi Corporator Ms. Arti Mehra was also present.

On Diwali, Osho's message is," Diwali is the destival of lights; but people have falsified it because external light can never illuminate the inside! Yes - it does cause a facade of lamps burning bright. If only this light could end the shadows of darkness within because these lamps re utterly helpless to brighten the inner self. I say - Drop this child's play! Definitely celebrate the festival of lights but be a light unto yourself and light up the lamps of consciousness. only then, darkness disappears."


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