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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Artists for Art at Osho World

A Creativity has nothing to do with any activity in particular with painting, poetry, dancing, singing. Creativity is the quality that you bring to the activity you are doing. It is an attitude, an inner approach, how you look at things, says Osho.

With these words of Osho, two well-known musicians and Osho lovers inaugurated an exhibition of two fine artists in ceramics and photography at Osho World Galleria, Ansal Plaza, on Sunday. India's leading Rudra Veena musician, Ustad Assad Ali Khan and leading Dhrupad singer, Ustad Wasiffudin Dagar launched an exhibition of ceramics by Manisha Bhattacharya and photographic images by Sanjit Singh.

Ustad Assad Ali Khan recalled how he had the opportunity to play this fabled Dhrupad instrument in the presence of Osho who was very fond of it and told him that music breathed in him. It is not possible to correct or improve a "raga" after singing or playing it, he said. Of the three fine arts, poetry, painting and music, the first two can be corrected and/or improved by the artists in a studio and study while the musician has no such advantage as it rendered on stage live, he added. Appreciating the photographic images and ceramics exhibited, Ustad Assad Ali Khan wished that the artists may remove any shortcomings in their works in future and may progress more.

Speaking at the same function, Ustad Wasiffudin Dagar, a renowned Dhrupad singer, said Osho had accorded great importance to silence and pauses to hear the real music. The same silence is expressed in creativity whether clicking a photograph or shaping a ceramic. He hoped that this silence will permeate into artists and give birth to creativity and wished the artists all success.

Ustad Wasiffudin Dagar added that the Dhrupad form of music comes from two words - Dhruv like Dhruv or Polar Star and Pad meaning poetry. So this very ancient system of music is very meditative and deep originally sung by Lord Shiva while looking at his wife, Parvati.

Sanjit Singh, the photo-artist, said he always enjoyed making images and photography was 'a visual diary' for him, his way of communicating with the outside world. His works depicting nature were part of his solitary journey where forms and images are used without a definite sense of time and space.

Manisha Bhattacharya who studied pottery with Ray meeker at the Golden Bridge Pottery in Pondicherry and worked with other well-known potters in the UK has some modern ceramics on exhibition. Explaining her art form, she said the burnished clay and smoke markings speak of the link modern day potters share with their brethren of yore. The exhibition ends on 8 December 2002.


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