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Mulla Nasruddin Immortalised in Bronze

As part of Mulla Nasruddin Week Celebration, Osho World Galleria launched maquettes of Mulla cast in Bronze by famous sculptor K.S. Radhakrishnan in Ansal Plaza, New Delhi. Exclusively created for Osho World Galleria, these statuettes capture Mulla Nasruddin in an array of moods and gestures and reflect the artistic genius of Radhakrishnan.

Osho World Foundation will lent a hilarious twist to timeworn April Fool's Day this year by celebrating the week starting 1st April as Mulla Nasruddin Day in honour of this laughing mystic. But who is this Mulla Nasruddin? Replies, Osho, "Born in Iran, Nasruddin is a Sufi mystic, a little crazy, but always tremendously wise.

A student of Ram Kinkar Baij at the Shantiniketan and contemporary Indian sculptor, K.S. Radhakrishnan's affair with sculpting started in the 60's. The taciturn artist in his fifties professes a deep attachment to a higher spiritual plane. In these maquettes, he relates different stories of Mulla Nasruddin. In Mulla he finds an outlet to express this cosmic but non-serious spirituality. According to Radhakrishnan, "These Mulla's are a result of deep thought processes and tell a subtle philosophical story that everyone can appreciate and relate to." One can find Mulla carrying the door to his own grave, sitting on a bench and carrying the scales to deliver some laughable judgment, among other delightful creations. In the past, Radhakrishnan's acclaimed Musui-Maiya series inspired by a Santhal tribal has been toasted as avant-garde example of sculpting in India. He is known for vastly successful shows in India and abroad notably France. True art comes very close to religion. So don't be worried what true art is. Osho in his book The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, says, "If you rejoice in doing it, if you feel lost in doing it, if you feel overwhelmed with joy and peace in doing it, it is true art."

Osho World Galleria welcomes you to this unique Sangam of Art, Laughter and spirituality in the marketplace.


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