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Meera's sonnets are still being discovered - even 400 years later!

Although Meera passed into history over 400 years ago, new sonnets by Meera are still being researched and documented from oral literature, said Prof. Ashok Chakradhar, Head of the Hindi Department at Jamia Millia University, New Delhi.

Launching Meera Week at Osho World Galleria in New Delhi on 10 June 2002 Prof. Chakradhar related how the first 21 sonnets by Meera were published over 350 years after she died in a booklet in 1898. The second book containing 201 Meera sonnets was published 35 years later in 1933 by Dr. P. Chaturvedi while the most recent publication of Meera's sonnets came in 1956 by Meera Prakashan Sansthan containing no less than 1,323 of her bhajans. Work is still going on to collect and transcribe more of Meera's work as her bhajans are sung all over the Hindi Belt, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and even Bengal, added Prof. Chakradhar.

Although Meera is taught in schools and universities, it is impossible to teach anything about her unless one is taught about love. Maybe there should be a Master's degree in Love and all its aspects before one ventures to teach Meera. No one except Osho has touched upon and talked about the deepest dimensions of Meera's devotion and emotions, maintained Prof. Chakradhar referring to Osho's series of Meera discourses entitled - Pad Ghungroo Bandh.

The Hindi professor explained the enigmatic title of Osho's discourses with a conscious amendment to one of the most famous sonnets of Meera - Pag Ghungroo Bandh.

Instead of putting the dancing bells on Meera's feet, Osho has put them on her sonnets by changing the title of his discourses from 'Pag' to 'Pad', he said launching the MP3 CD of these discourses. Meera bhajans by Ms Roopjeet Kaur enthralled Osholovers with Meera bhajans during the inauguration of Meera Week and Osho's discourses on Meera, Meera bhajans and meditation were held every evening during the week.

Says Osho, "I would also like you to be like Meera -- so juicy that even today her songs are unparalleled. She is like a garden in the spring. Meera says: "main to prem divani -- I am madly in love, so madly loved that I am mad, mad, mad!" Perhaps this may give you a little hint what kind of songs she sang."


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