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Tree of Life Blooms at Osho WorlD
New Delhi, 13 October 2002: As an expression of creativity, 'The Tree of Life' permeates all spheres of living and traces its roots in the ancient concept of 'Kalptaru' in the Hindu tradition, said Mr. Durgesh Shanker, the Managing Director of the Central Cottage Industries Emporium and the Senior-Director of the Crafts Museum in New Delhi.

Inaugurating The Magic of Silence, The Tree of Life Haiku-Textile Collection at Osho World Galleria, in Ansal Plaza that continues until Friday, 18 October 2002, Mr. Shanker said this concept goes back to the cave paintings, to ancient civilizations and in all religions. The Tree of Life connects the life below with its roots to the sky above with its branches, fruits, flowers and fragrances. Thus it has been derived from many sources and interpreted in many forms through the ages, he said.

He appreciated the expression of this concept in textiles created by fashion designer Dr. Charu Gupta at Osho World Galleria along with other art forms on display that had created a soothing and benign ambience in the marketplace.

The Magic of Silence under The Tree of Life Haiku Collection is inspired by Zen captures the Zen Tree in stoles, shawls, capes, jackets, robes and cushions reflecting an element of soft drape and unstructured appeal.

Osho says, "Whenever there is silence, a certain magic prevails. The more profound the silence, the deeper the magic." A classical motif, The Tree of Life, is basically a flowering tree with intertwined and spiral branches springing with life. Created in India, this motif evolved to become an amalgam of Persian and Chinese influences. The Haiku Collection reinterprets this phenomenon in a Zen philosophy. Thus it becomes a depiction of life in varied forms and could be a grove of bamboos, a solitary lotus, a flight of doves, falling leaves or a solitary meandering tree. Thus it creates a serene, contented and silent ambience.


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