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Full Moon Full Night Meditation

Started spontaneously on Buddha Jayanti, this new meditation reported here by Swami Kul Bhushan has been welcomed by Osholovers in New Delhi and since then has become a regular event at Osho Dham.

Gautama Buddha was born, became enlightened and attained Nirvana on a full moon night; thus Buddha Jayanti is a very special full moon night for meditation and who knows? Even enlightenment!

On - Friday, 24 May 2002 it was spontaneously decided to hold a Full Moon, Full Night Meditation at Oshodham for this years this year Buddha Jayanti falling on Sunday 26 may 2002. After the unexpected heavy showers, the weather was cool and everyone who was contacted by Swami Ravindra said Yes! Let's go!

Reaching Oshodham, it seemed the moon had focused a searchlight on the Buddha Hall - so bright was the night. Soon about 30 sannyasins turned up by 10 p.m. and the new experiment started with a celebration dance with a new music "TransIndia" a high tempo, high energy blending of Eastern and Western music and notes. Soon everyone was transported into space.

After about an hour, everyone stood holding hands in a circle and gently swayed with the chanting of Om Mane Padmne Hum sung by Tibetan monks on tape. Then it was time to listen to Osho explaining this seed-mantra and he explained it all from Om to nun with poetic description of the jewel in the lotus for that ultimate experience. The real rendering of this mantra by Tibetan monks without any music followed with lasting impact.

It was past midnight and a short break for half an hour with ZaZen walk and no eye contact maintained the spirit of meditation.

Tell me who is in? was the eyeball to eyeball confrontation after this brief interval. Facing each other, one partner asked this question repeatedly until so many unexpected answers blurted out and the exercise become very intense as one changed partners and proceeded. After all that catharsis, everyone went into silence and then for another break as it was well past 2 a.m.!

In the silence of pre-dawn, it was humming to Nad Brahma meditation that took off like a spacecraft into the unknown on and on into the beyond as a thunderstorm struck with thunder, lightening and rain. Only an Osho discourse could follow this humming which had charged the skull.

Buddha became enlightened at dawn this night, could it happen again here and now? Perhaps, but for the thunderstorm!

Some dropped off after 2 a.m. but everyone agreed that it was a first ever and unique experience that should be repeated on other full nights starting at around 7 p.m. with Kundilini followed by dancing and celebration before a dinner break until 10 p.m. and then a similar programme until Nad Brahma at 2 a.m


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