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Laugh Riot Marks the End of Nasrudin Week

Osho World Galleria at Ansal Plaza was the venue of laugh riot as Mulla Nasrudin Week at Osho World Galleria concluded here amidst rip-roaring laughter of Osho lovers and friends tickled by a troika of satirists, Mahendra Ajnabi, Rakesh Soni and Dinesh Raghuvanshi. Abettors of the laugh riot led by Swami Satish Satyarthi unleashed a wave of uproarious laughter that left many a people wanting for more of it.

Earlier, a new hilarious twist was added to the timeworn April Fool's Day this year as Osho World Foundation declared 1st April as Mulla Nasrudin Day in honour of this laughing mystic. The first day of rioting was led by straight-faced satirist Surendra Sharma and well known television personality Col. Raj Kapoor. All through the week, Osho World Galleria in New Delhi's Ansal Plaza rocked with laughter as Osholovers shared rip-roaring jokes of the Mulla. It all culminated into a crescendo that lasted for three hours of uninhibited laughing meditation that has proved so popular at the Galleria. Well known Hindi humour poets Mahendra Ajnabi, Rakesh Soni and Dinesh Raghuvanshi regaled everyone during this laughter session.

Osho says, "Laughter is far more sacred than prayer, because prayer can be done by any stupid person; it does not require much intelligence. Laughter requires intelligence, it requires presence of mind, a quickness of seeing into things. A joke cannot be explained: either you understand it or you miss it."

The laughter riot broke out of the packed-to-capacity Osho World Galleria into the shopping mall luring casual visitors and shoppers to partake in the rich booty of guffaws, grins and chuckles. The evening ended on a bright note with rioters taking a vow to spread the wave of laughter in the world and to continue causing laugh riots whenever, wherever.


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