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Ambassador of Nepal inaugurates 'Buddha Week' at Osho World
The Ambassador of Royal Kingdom of Nepal, Shri B.B. Thapa inaugurated "Buddha Week" at Osho World Galleria in Ansal Plaza, New Delhi on May 12. The Ambassador also released Osho's discourses on Buddha in Audio CD format.

Addressing the gathering Shri Thapa said ""As someone who comes from a country where Lord Buddha was born, at the time of his birth this was one subcontinent, it was all under one roof, one umbrella, there was no Nepal, no India, no Bangladesh and no Sri Lanka, in that sense it was a subcontinent. The values that guided us, the prince who left the palace in pursuit of truth and gave his entire life to decipher and discover the code of conduct for life, for humanity."

Referring to the insights of Osho, Shri Thapa said, "Osho has collected the knowledge of all time whether it has come from science or from arts. He gives us the depth of the understanding that he has left behind for all of us to follow. For me this is an opportunity so unique, away from the daily routine of either the embassy, or representing a country in a very large neighboring country who are very close to each other. At the same time what we do through out the day is the belief that we live with our view, but when you come and sit in this quiet, contemplative manner we realize the vanity of all that we do throughout the day. "

Earlier, in a special message to Osho World Foundation, the Vice President of India, Shri Bhairon Singh Shekhawat said "We need to imbibe Buddha's teachings to live a peaceful life"

" At a time when the world is passing through turbulent phase in history, sages like Buddha have shown the path of truth and non-violence to the mankind to liberate them from worldly sufferings. By observing Buddha Week, Osho World Foundation is greatly contributing towards meditation and spirituality through dissemination of the teachings of great saints and sages like Buddha. I am glad to know that Osho World Foundation," he added further in his message.

Osho has provided new and deeper insights on the path shown by Gautama the Buddha. Explaining the essence of Buddha, Osho has spoken as if he was one with Buddha. Osho said the path of Buddha is the path of total surrender: total surrender to the Dhamma, to Tao, to the universal law, to existence.

Paying the ultimate tribute to Gautama the Buddha, Osho says: "Buddha is an alchemist. He shows you the way how to transform your energies from the lowest to the highest center of functioning, from the mud to the lotus, from the baser metal into gold, from stones into diamonds. He is a scientist of the inner. His approach is utterly scientific, not philosophic at all."

After listening to Osho's insight on Buddha, everyone present had the experience of Buddha's Vipassana meditation led by Swami Vairagya Amrit. Among the special guests who attended this inauguration were Dr. T. Dholkar who manages a Tibetan health Clinic and Dr. Brahma Prakash, a noted neuro-surgeon, who is exploring the functioning of brain in relation to science and spirituality.


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