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Osho is Worshipper of Truth: Dr. Bhai Mahavir

Shri Guru Nanak Week celebration at the Osho World Galleria in New Delhi concluded with devotional songs sung by Bhai Rajinder Singh, classical singer A Grade, on the Evening of 11th November. It began on 5th of November with devotional songs sung by Bhai Baljeet Singh and Bhai Gurdeep Singh who come from Mardana lineage. At this occasion, Osho World Newsletter, an English monthly was also inaugurated.

The Chief Guest at this occasion was Shri Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, former Prime Minister of Nepal and the founder president of Nepali Congress, and the guest of honour was Dr. Bhai Mahavir, former governor of Madhya Pradesh and an eminent writer.

Giving tribute to Osho and his commentaries on Guru Nanak Dev's Ek Omkar Satnam, Dr. Bhai Mahavir said: "I was unable to physically be with Osho in his lifetime. However, I know him through the medium of his publications. Osho's study, vast and fathomless knowledge are incredible. India has known no other eminent and distinguished personality other than Osho, in the last hundred years. He lent laughter and joyousness to religions. He did away with seriousness in religion. With his rare and razor sharp insights Osho exposed meaningless and hollow beliefs and rituals-religious practices. All these incredible qualities reflect his super intelligence. He was Satya Ka Pujari, the Worshipper of Truth"

Osho has given 20 discourses on Guru Nanak Dev in Hindi: Ek Omkar Satnam. This is now one of his bestseller books available in Hindi, English and Punjabi.


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