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Launch of Osho World Newsletter and Inauguration
of Sufi Week at Osho World Galleria
Union Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, launched Osho World Foundation's new publication OSHO WORLD NEWSLETTER at Osho World Galleria in Ansal Plaza, New Delhi, on Thursday, 18 September 2003. The new OSHO WORLD NEWSLETTER presenting the vision of Osho in the English language joins the earlier OSHO WORLD Hindi monthly magazine launched over two years ago.

Addressing the gathering at the galleria, Shri Prasad said that "Osho was carrying forward the great spiritual, philosophical and intellectual legacy of India. In the sense, it centered around the quest for God, the role of individual and how to enlighten the individual so that he comes into closer intimate contact with God". Referring to the insights of Osho, Shri Prasad said that "the great classical and philosophical tradition of India found a very eloquent spokesperson in Osho who not only drew upon heavily upon our own spiritual tradition but also sought to juxtapose it with a whole range of other views prevalent world over. And ultimately found that an individual is to be elevated through conscious behaviour, through conscious thinking, through sadhana and also it has to be done not only in a philosophical manner but also in scientific manner, in a aesthetically sound manner. And then the blend comes about you see a different philosophy emerging which touches and encompasses perhaps the best of whatever been said in the field. That is something really remarkable."

Praising the efforts of Osho World Foundation for its efforts in bringing meditation to the market place, the Hon'ble Minister said that the English newsletter is totally extraordinary as it will convey the concrete embodiment of the timeless insights of an enlightened mystic. Extolling the Foundation to keep up the good work, the minister said "When I see that intellectual quest I see Osho's teaching also playing a very crucial role. It is here I see Osho World's newsletter which needs to be widely circulated."

Osho World Newsletter is an invitation to the world of Osho to meditate and celebrate in the marketplace.

"I don't teach renunciation of life. I teach indulgence in life--utter indulgence, total indulgence in life. Once you abandon yourself to life, once you become totally drunk with life, God is not far away."


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