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Shri Advani presented with Osho book "Einstein the Buddha"
Shri Advani read with great interest Osho's famous quotation - "Man is entering into a new phase; a new consciousness is to dawn. For at least ten thousand years, as far as consciousness is concerned, nothing new has happened. There have been Buddhas and there have been Albert Einsteins, but we are still waiting for a Buddha who is also an Albert Einstein or an Albert Einstein who is also a Buddha. The day is coming closer and closer".The book "Einstein the Buddha" was released by Shri Vinod Khanna, Union Minister of State for External Affairs during the 16th World Book Fair.

Osho, the enlightened mystic of the modern times, gave spontaneous discourses on the evolution of the new man who is a meditator, a conscious individual, rich from within, multidimensional in approach and remaining available to the inner and the outer both.

"Einstein the Buddha" is a compilation of Osho's vision of the new man in two volumes. In His discourses, Osho speaks of creating a synthesis and to bring one unity between the materialistic, scientific approach of the West and the spiritual, meditative approach of the East. That will make man complete, whole. And to be whole is the only way to be holy.Osho says "If Einstein had also been a Buddha, there would have been atomic energy but no atom bombs, and atomic energy would have become a blessing -- the greatest blessing ever. The earth would have become a paradise. But Albert Einstein is not a Buddha; unfortunately he knows nothing of meditation -- a great mind, but the master is missing; a great mechanism, a great airplane without the pilot."

Sharing His vision, Osho says "I would like you to be enriched by Newton, Edison, Eddington, Rutherford, Einstein; and I would like you also to be enriched by Buddha, Krishna, Christ, Mohammed, so that you can become rich in both the dimensions -- the outer and the inner. This book is an invitation to explore your inner and outer through the beautiful insights of Osho.


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