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Jesus Week began at the Osho World galleria on 21st December with a mesmerizing musical evening with accomplished guitarist Shri Satish Sharma.

Renowned for the album "Sukoon", composed with Shujaat Husain Khan that was nominated for Grammy awards, Satish Sharma's specialization lies in playing classical raags on the guitar. Satish Sharma has teamed up with Shubha Mudgal as she sings to his compositions in the album "Nachoon Sari Sari Raat".

Osho, the enlightened mystic has spoken volumes on Jesus. Osho calls Jesus pure love.

"Jesus is love. Love has authority of its own, it is not borrowed..... Jesus is the sun; he has his own light. Love has its own authority...." "Jesus is a unique synthesis of desire and desirelessness. An ordinary man is simply desire. An extraordinary man who has renounced the world becomes desirelessness. Jesus is both; he is a bridge. He lives in desire but lives in desirelessness also. He moves through the world but the world doesn't move through him. He never renounced the world, he never renounced any enjoyment that this world can give. On the contrary, he has made every delight of this world a celebration of God. Wherever he can find any enjoyment, he can always find a deep thankfulness towards God."

Osho World celebrated Jesus Week from December 21 to 27, 2004 through daily meditations, Osho discourses and events.

"Love has both the qualities in it,
the quality of depth and the quality of silence.
Those are the two wings of love: peace and depth."


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