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Osho always had wonderful ideas : Lama Doboom Tulku

"A buddha is a man whose heart is full of light; a buddha is one who has become a flame, an eternal flame which cannot be extinguished. Now it is bound to dispel darkness", says Osho.

To spread this message of Buddhahood, Osho World celebrates "Buddha week" coinciding with Buddha Purnima from 30th April to 6th May at Osho World galleria. While inaugurating the week, Lama Doboom Tulku, the Director of Tibetan House, said "It's a wonderful idea to have these series of weeks after the names of great teachers, sages and saints. I know Osho always had wonderful ideas."

"India is always been such a great country that it had so many great teachers saints, philosophers, sages and mystics, we all know the history that Buddha was a great son of India, so was Mahavir, Ashoka, and coming down to Guru Nanak and so many others and more recently saints like Ramakrishna, Shri Aurobindo, Ramana Maharishi and Osho Himself. So when we observe weeks for any kind of spiritual events we cannot do it without remembering all of India and its rich spiritual and cultural history," said the Lama during the occasion.

Osho, the enlightened mystic of the 21st century, has provided new and deeper insights on the path shown by Gautama the Buddha . Explaining the essence of Buddha, Osho has spoken as if he was one with Buddha . Osho said the path of Buddha is the path of total surrender: total surrender to the dhamma, to Tao, to the universal law, to existence".

Touching the very core of Buddha's teachings, Osho says : "The way of Gautama the Buddha is the way of intelligence, understanding, awareness, meditation. It is not the way of belief; it is the way of seeing the truth itself. Belief simply covers up your ignorance; it does not deliver you from ignorance. Belief is a deception you play upon yourself; it is not transformation."

Well known Sitarist Shri Subrata De, presented a melodious musical evening while playing on the strings of his sitar as he paid warm tribute to the enlightened masters of the past during the occasion.

Osho World pays deep respect to Buddha and His teachings as expounded by Osho during this week from 30th April to 6th May 2004 through daily meditations and events.



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