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Shubha Mudgal dedicates a musical evening to Osho
Shubha Mudgal enthralled the hearts of the audience as she sang devotional songs based on the verses of enlightened women mystics Meera and Sahajo, at Osho World galleria on 19th March 2004. Celebrating Osho enlightenment day that happens to be on 21st March 2004, Shubha dedicated the evening to Osho, the enlightened master of the modern times.

Bringing out the essence of the songs of Meera, Osho says, "Meera looks beautiful while she is dancing. In fact, it would have been unfortunate if she had not danced and simply sat under a tree; we would have missed the beautiful songs she sang. Nobody in the whole world has sung such beautiful songs. They come directly from the innermost core of her being. They are not ordinary poetry, they are divine. It is not that she is composing them; they are simply flowing through her naturally. She never learned to dance; it exploded! It was an explosion."

Similarly Osho has extolled Sahajo as a rare enlightened woman whose each word was spontaneous and unique. "An enlightened person's words will be spontaneous. They are just coming from the source -- fresh and new. These coins are just being minted, they have not been used in the market.

The words of Sahajo have just come from the mint. Sahajo is not a scholar, nor is she a poet. Her words are simple and straight -- there is not much fuss, nothing has been hidden. And she has spoken in such a way as no one else has before. So there was no way to borrow.

Whenever God descends into someone, he descends in a new way each time; God does not like repetition. Every single verse of Sahajo is unique. Never before and never after have there been such verses."

Ma Krishna Radha, a long time disciple of Osho presented Ms. Mudgal with Osho World's latest book "Einstein the Buddha".


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