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"The master, the guru, is a person with whom you are in deep love and faith and reverence. Master-disciple relationship is not just a relationship; it is a deep creativity"
_ Osho

Bringing out the essence of the guru disciple relationship, Osho World celebrated Guru Vandana week from 28th June to 4th July 2004 at Osho World galleria in Ansal Plaza, New Delhi.

Inaugurated by renowned Indian classical vocalist, Madhup Mudgal, the weeklong event coincided with "Leela- The Cosmic Playfulness", a special exhibition of Zen paintings, presenting Osho signatures or Zen art by Hita Dutt.

Osho, the enlightened mystic of the modern times, has given many discourses on the spectrum of love between the master and the disciple. "A relationship between a disciple and a master is that of the heart -- it is a love relationship, mad in the eyes of the world, utterly mad. In fact, no love is so total as the love that happens between the master and the disciple."

Madhup Mudgal, who heads the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya in Delhi, enthralled the audience with nirgun bhajans on Nanak, Kabir and other mystics of the past, during the occasion.

Osho World paid deep respect to the masters of the past during the week from 28th June to 4th July, 2004 through daily meditations and events.

A special exhibition has opened at Osho World Galleria for Guru Vandana Week until 4th July, presenting Osho's signatures or Zen art. These signatures have been created on glass in various shapes such a triangles, squares and rectangles with matching or contrasting photo frames. A most exhilarating setting for the Master.

Talented artist Hita Datt has been inspired by Osho's colourful signatures to create these exquisite paintings that attract Osholovers especially during the Guru Vandana Week when every disciples pays homage to his/her spiritual master.

Hita says that these signature paintings reflect Osho's Leela or cosmic playfulness. Osho's art has been captured on glass. Presented on the spiritual event of Guru Purnima, this exhibition is a dedication to the spirit of the Master - within and without. One art exhibition not to be missed!

Osho World celebrated "Western Mystics Week" from the 23rd to 29th July at the galleria in Ansal Plaza.

This week was dedicated to the western enlightened mystics of past like Jesus , Dionysius, Heraclitus, Saint Francis, Pythagoras and Zarathustra. . Osho, the enlightened mystic has brought out the essence of western mystics of the past and explained to the world in a language that was understandable to the modern man and the man to come in next hundred years, the truth that has existed since eternity.

During the week Osho world paid deep reverence to western mystics through daily meditations and discourses of Osho on the western mystics and their eternal message of truth.


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