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Disciple Week at Osho World

Osho, the enlightened master of the modern times, gave many discourses on the oneness of the guru and the disciple. The relationship between a master and a disciple is one of the greatest mysteries of existence. The master is a universal consciousness who functions beyond time and space and the disciple is the vehicle of the master. The disciple becomes one with the Master, attuned, in a deep accord. His heart beats in the same rhythm, he breathes in the same rhythm. The oneness becomes so absolute, that despite physical separation there is no separation.

A disciple is a rare phenomenon. He is one who is so surrendered to the master that even if the Master gives death as a gift, he will receive it with great gratitude. Osho says that the whole art of disciplehood is to be able to disappear, to become absent, not to be. "when the ego is completely gone -- any moment the ego is gone -- instantly, something from the heart of the master jumps into the heart of the disciple. It is not that the master gives it; it is not a thing to be given. It is not that the disciple takes it; it is not the thing to be taken. It simply happens!"

Ma Yog Laxmi was one such true disciple of Osho. Ma Yog Laxmi's birthday will be celebrated with meditations and other events on 12th February. Osho World dedicates this week to Ma Yog Laxmi, the epitome of a disciple and every disciple, on the path of self- realization.

Osho says that the whole secret of disciplehood is when the master speaks, the disciple listens, yet there is so much, which the master does not speak, and the disciple listens. When the disciple becomes ripe, there is a silent communication between him and his master. "When the disciple has blossomed into disciplehood and he understands completely the meaning of his guru's words and gestures, he is ripe. Then a silent communication, without gestures, without any linguistic symbols, is possible. This telepathic communication is the secret of the relationship. It is the most secret key of communion between guru and disciple. Only when this becomes possible has the disciple been accepted. Then there is no question of time and space. Then, wherever the disciple is, things can be communicated to him."

"A disciple is a totally different phenomenon. A disciple is not a student; he is not interested in knowing about God, love, truth -- he is interested in becoming God, in becoming truth, in becoming love. Remember the difference. Knowing about is one thing, becoming is totally different. The student is taking no risk; the disciple is going into the uncharted sea."


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