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Jaat Hi Poochhoo Sadhu Ki

Osho, the enlightened mystic of modern times, speaks of being in the world and yet not of it, of knowing life as a leela, a cosmic play.

During the eighties, the Osho Ashram Theatre Group staged plays of Shakespeare in several cities. Audience and critics both appreciated them.

Osho's vision of Aesthetics, Beauty and Creativity and of taking life as a play is the inspiration behind the creation of Leela Arts Academy which is a group of Osho disciples and friends, who love theatre, dance, music and other arts.

"The really spiritual person transforms his whole life into acting. Then this whole earth is just a stage, and all the people are nothing but actors, and we are enacting a play. Then if you are a beggar you play your act as beautifully as you can, and if you are the king you play your act as beautifully as you can".

Osho World Foundation presented its latest production "Jaat Hi Poochho Sadhu Ki", written by Vijay Tendulkar and directed by Sanjeev Johri with the banner of Leela Arts Academy on 17th and 18th September 2005, at the "Stein Auditorium", India Habitat Center, New Delhi.

Director Sanjeev Johri is a disciple of Osho and is inspired by Osho's message of being in the world and yet taking life as a play.

Padmavibhushan Sonal Mansingh and former Chief Election Commissioner of India, Shri M.S. Gill were present as distinguished guests during the houseful two hour show.

Synopsis of the play "Jaat Hi Poochho Sadhu Ki"

Mahipat, the protagonist of the play comes from a little known caste which is somewhere in the middle, neither higher nor lower. Unlike other members of his caste, he wants to somehow get rid of the caste related shackles and break free. For this he chooses to pursue the path of higher education. With tremendous hard work and self discipline, he manages to attain a post graduate degree, and aspires to become a professor. But can his educational qualification protect him from the spectre of his caste????

About the Playwright:

Vijay Tendulkar is the most acclaimed and influential dramatist in India for the last 4 decades. His plays written in Marathi has been translated into English and other regional languages and have been continually produced all across the country and abroad. A resident of Mumbai, Tendulkar is also a novelist, literary essayist, journalist, television and screenplay writer and social activist. Tendulkar is author of thirty full-length plays, twenty-three one act plays, several of which have become classics of modern Indian theatre. Among his well-known plays are: Shanta! Court chalu ahe (Silence! The Court is in Session, 1967), Sakharam Binder (Sakharam, the Bookbinder, 1972), Kamala (1981), and Kanyadaan (The Gift of a Daughter, 1983).

About the Director

Sanjeev Johri has been a regular theatre activist for nearly two decades, and has essayed major roles in numerous stage and TV productions. Having got his initial training in the art of acting under the likes of Pankaj Kapoor and Nadira Zaheer Babbar, he further honed his skills under the guidance of eminent theatre personalities like Late Panchanan Pathak, Rajinder Nath and Barry John. Later, he completed a course in theatre direction under the well-known director Joy Michael of Yatrik.

Sanjeev Johri has been directing plays for the well-known group, Abhiyan, the last of which was selected by Sahitya Kala Parishad as one of the finest plays of 2003-2004.


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